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WWE Slam Crate


The WWE Slam Crate - an action packed delivery for wrestling fans around the world!

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The best delivery around for WWE fans! The WWE Slam Crate is filled with the greatest authentic licensed collectibles, apparel and wrestling memorabilia to get your fired up all year round! Reignite your passion for all things wrestling and be a certified G with the WWE Slam Crate.

Whats in the box?

Powered by the box champions LootCrate™, your WWE Slam Crate is the best and most authentic WWE subscription box around. Each box contains 4-6 items, from t-shirts and foam fingers to collectible figures, photographs, books, accessories and much much more! Each box is themed around WWE – past boxes include ‘Stables’, ‘Masters of the Mic’, ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ and ‘Dream Big’.

One Hundred Acre Honey

How Much?

You can choose a one off box or a 3 month or 6 month subscription. Each box is £36, or £35 for 3 month subscribers/£34 for 6 month subscribers. Once you’ve tried one, you won’t want to miss the next.

Overall Summary

The WWE Slam Crate is a great way get your fix for wrestling and WWE every other month! Worth over $60 with awesome apparel, collectibles and wrestling goodies in each slammin’ box, it’s an amazing gift for any WWE fan!

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