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Deliver magic every month with J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of magical must-haves!

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The official licenced JK Rowling Wizarding World Box is a must for Harry Potter fans far and wide. Brought to you by LootCrate™, you’ll find weird and wonderful themed boxes filled with treats tailored to your Hogwarts house delivered to your door. There’s something special for every witch, wizard, squib and muggle!

Whats in the box?

Each exciting JK Rowling Wizarding World Box has 5-7 official Harry Potter items included, handpicked by the JK Rowling Wizarding World Box team. Matching each bi-monthly theme, you’ll find everything from clothing, accessories and collectables to stationery, memorabilia and toys. It’s the ultimate box for anyone passionate about Potter, delivered direct to your door!

One Hundred Acre Honey

How Much?

You don’t need Alohomora to open this magical bi-monthly treat – a 1 or 3 JK Rowling Wizarding World Box subscription costs £39 or choose 6 months of magic for just £38 a box!

Overall Summary

Get your Harry Potter fix every month with a JK Rowling Wizarding World Box, filled with over £50 worth of goodies every month for muggles and magical community members alike!

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