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Monthly Scandinavian razors for a fair price. Nordic design. 3 step signup.
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Forged from the clean waters of Finland's lakes, nordic students Sam & Jiri came up with the idea of Viking Shave Club after being tired of shaving with dull razors at University.

By cutting out the middle man they created a simple service to deliver high quality razors at a fraction of the cost for subscribers looking for a more convenient and enjoyable shaving experience.

Viking Shave Club has since grown into one of Europe's most popular razor subscriptions, now including delivery to the UK.

Overall Summary

​Your first delivery gives you 5 blades and a stylish handle to last for a lifetime. Simply choose which level of blade your happy to pay for, then receive a further 5 blades every month.

This pricing model is a welcome reverse of the standard buy cheap handle then forever pay for overpriced blades model, which the mainstream razor corporations have used to rip us off for years.​

Overall, the quality of the blades are highly regarded across social feedback. The option to easily pause the subscription, upgrade or switch is a good sign that Viking Shave Club look to deliver a consistently good service that people want to be part of.


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