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Vegan Subscription Boxes for Vegan Snacks


A number of subscription box services have launched in the UK offering monthly boxes packed full of vegan snacks, treats and goodies. This feature aims to list the current vegan subscription boxes available and reviews the differences in price, value and overall customer experience.

What is a Vegan Diet?

​A vegan diet excludes all food products that derive from an animal. So no meat, eggs and dairy products. Some Vegans also prefer not to consume foods that have involved animal products during food processing, for example sugar and wine manufacturers can use a fish based product called isinglass, as part of the refining process.

Are Vegan Snacks Healthy?

Vegan Snacks Superfood

​Like any diet this depends on exactly which balance of foods you are eating. For example eating just crisps and chips could be classed as a vegan diet but this certainly wouldn't be healthy. Generally speaking, studies have shown that a Vegan diet can be higher in Vitamin C and Fibre and lower in saturated fat. However, to maintain a healthy diet essential nutrients found in meats such as calcium and Vitamin D must be replaced in a Vegan diet with alternatives such as pulses, seeds, tofu and dried fruits. As part of this review we will look at the range of vegan snacks included in the boxes to rate the balance of essential nutrients.

​Availability of Vegan Snack Products


​The rise of the vegan market has made food labeling and the availability of vegan products a lot more accessible compared to recent years, however the range of these products is still limited particular in the larger supermarkets. Smaller independent stores that specialise in vegan snacks offer a greater range but these stores are often only available in larger cities.

The Vegan Subscription Box

​To help fill this gap in the market, a range of vegan subscription boxes have launched offering Vegans the opportunity to try new vegan based snacks without the hassle of sourcing the products themselves and scanning ingredient labels in supermarkets. Lets take a closer look at some of the best operating in the UK : 

Vegan Tuck Box​

vegan snacks from vegan_tuck_box

​Regarded as the UK's first 100% vegan subscription box, The Vegan Tuck Box offers a number of options including the Ultimate Vegan Tuck Box containing 10-13 different vegan snacks delivered each month.

How Much?​

The popular Ultimate Box is £20 including delivery, there is also smaller Variety Box for £12 and a great Vegan Starter Box for £10 which offers all you need to get started on your vegan diet journey with a selection of snacks and a nutritional guide with advice on managing a balanced vegan diet.

Overall Verdict​

A great variety of items delivered for under the RRP value, saving you time and money. The service is run by two passionate Vegans who diligently research all new products and ensure each box provides a nutritionally balanced selection to supplement your vegan diet.

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FlowBox offer a Vegan Box as part of their series of wholesome, natural and and eco-friendly subscription boxes. In addition to the carefully curated vegan snacks they also include animal welfare conscious beauty and household products.

How Much?

​The Maxi Box containing 8-10 items ships for £21.95 and there is a Mini Box with 5-6 items that ships for £13.45. There is also the option to save on shipping costs by committing to a longer subscription.

Overall Verdict

FlowBox presents a highly attractive vegan box, with an eye catching design and a good selection of products. The box features different items each month and they offer to make a donation to your own chosen charity with each purchase. There is also a reward point system which can earn you spending credits for repeat purchases, referring friends and buying one off items in their expanding online store.

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Graze are arguably the biggest snack subscription company operating in the UK and now boast over 60 vegan snacks from their large collection of healthy snack punnets.

Sign up for an account with Graze, filter for Vegan snacks and select all the items you would like to try. Graze will then randomly select 4 punnets  each month from your preferences.

How Much?

​The standard 4 punnet boxes are around £4.00 with an array of different options for how frequent you wish to receive them. 

Overall Verdict​

Graze provide an exceptional service and the website offers the ability to tailor your preferences to an amazing level of detail. If your comfortable with the fact that they have other non-vegan products on offer then Graze offers great value and an exceptional customer experience​.

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Primal Snack Box


Based on the Paleo Diet, Primal Snack Box offer the Forest Box, which caters for Vegans with carefully curated nutritious snacks such as Kale Crisps, Matcha Tea, Cocoa Brownie Balls and Raw Coconut Bars.

How Much? 

The monthly Forest Box is £17.99 which includes delivery.​ A one-off box to try is £19.99

​Overall Verdict

The team at Primal Snack Box do a great job of finding great snacks from new artisan suppliers that you probably are yet to hear about, this makes the subscription an exciting surprise to look forward to. The value is good to with the price of the box well below the RRP of the items. Highly recommended!

Additional​ Vegan Snack Boxes Awaiting Review : 

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