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Unique Fathers Day Ideas

​We've put together a list of some our favourite products and services from our reviews to give you some great unique Fathers Day Ideas.

Unique Fathers Day Ideas

Treat the old man to a monthly treat for as long as you wish or just cancel after the first month for a special one-off gift for Fathers day.

There's something listed for every type of Dad and remember to use the discount codes were available to save money off your first month.

For the Father Who Enjoys a Tipple



Craft Beer is booming in the UK and as a result there are a number of Craft Beer Clubs delivering cases of interesting real ales and craft lager​ each month. Beer52 are currently doing a mixed case of 12 Bottles for £24.

Flavourly also have an equally impressive craft beer box and are currently offering a first box with £10 off.

For the Coffee Loving Father

Kopi Coffee review

If your Dad enjoys making a proper cup of coffee from ground beans then how about treating him to a coffee subscription. Pact Coffee send out 2 x 250g bags of stunning fresh coffee from just £6.95. 

Cocoa & Roast Club offers something special with the winning combination of fresh coffee beans paired with artisan chocolate to enjoy together for £19.99 per month. You can also save 10% by using code RADAR10 at The Cocoa & Roast Club.

Cocoa & Roast

For something tailored give The Coffee Roasters your Dads current coffee tastes and how it likes to make it and they will hand-pick the perfect cup of coffee based on your Dad's preferences from over 100 different coffees.


If trying different blends of Tea is more for your Dad then Twinnings website offers a huge selection of classic and interesting Tea. Choose from Energy Boosting Green Teas such as Yerba Mate and Matcha, Detox Teas or something completly different like Russian Caravan Tea.

For the Meat Eating Father


Carnivore Club deliver a monthly box of the finest cured meats from some of the most prestigious meat suppliers in the UK. In our Carnivore Club review we sampled melt in your mouth Wild Venison Chorizo and Salami.

Normally £29 per month - Use Discount Code : RADAR20 for 20% off your first box.

For the Father with a Sweet Tooth


We recently reviewed some of the best Retro Sweet Subscription Boxes, if your Father has a sweet tooth then this may the perfect gift for Fathers Day.

Our top pick is Sweet Club who deliver 8 x 100g bags of your chosen retro sweets for £9.95 per month. They have a huge range so there's bound to be a good selection of your Dads favourites. Use code : RADAR40 to get your sweet first box for £5.95.

For the Gamer Geek Father


If your Dad is a geek at heart and into his comic books, super hero films, video gaming or retro computer stuff then maybe a subscription or one-off geek box full of goodies may do the trick. We list a load of different options and prices in our best geek boxes review.

Our Top Pick : Loot Crate is currently £20.

For the Father Running a Business

If your Father happens to run his own small business and is always complaining about having to do his accounts and bookkeeping then signing him upto a free month on FreshBooks maybe the best present he could possibly wish for.  Its really easy to send invoices to clients, keep track of income and expenses all securely stored online in the cloud allowing full control of the finances whilst on the go.

It may be sound like a big step if your Father is used to his clunky spreadsheets or paper based accounting, but FreshBooks saves so much time and pain in the long run.

Sign Up for a 1 Month Free Trial to FreshBooks - Cancel at Anytime

For Something Uniquely Different


Quarterly invite a range of high profile celebrities, lifestyle gurus, chefs, writers, athletes and public figures to curate special limited edition boxes containing hand picked items of interest and enjoyment. 

Prices vary and Quarterly do ship to the UK. You can subscribe to a Quarterly Box delivered every 3 months or pick a one off box to buy as a gift.

Have a Happy Fathers Day together!

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