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Best Coffee Subscription UK

This posts aims to summarise the main differences and features from some of the best coffee subscriptions available in the UK , to help you decide the best coffee subscription for you.


​If you're serious about coffee then signing up for a coffee subscription service may just be your best route to consistent premium coffee direct from the roasters and baristas.

Unless you live in a major city and have access to cool independent Coffee houses, then coffee lovers are generally limited to the mainstream brands currently available in supermarket chains. The next stop is online, where there are thousands of independent coffee suppliers to choose from. The wealth of choice can be overwhelming for someone just looking for a quality cup of coffee at home.

Uk Coffee Experts

Hand-Picked from Coffee Experts

​The best coffee subscription will assign you a coffee expert who will look at your current tastes and preferences and send you out a variety of hand-picked premium blends and single-origin coffee, allowing you to explore the best fresh coffee from around the world allowing you find your favorites. Coffee subscriptions can be delivered as frequently as you wish, ground or whole bean, different each time or your favorite every time.

Each delivery is often accompanied by information on the coffee including a tasting guide, brewing tips and the origin and back story on the growers and roasters. This invites you to connect further to the coffee and the people involved as part of the experience.

Coffee Subscription Prices

box of coffee

Standard 250g bag ground coffee sold in main UK supermarkets.

Prices across the different subscription providers can vary depending mainly on quality. Most coffee is delivered in 230-250g bags, which on average provides 25 cups of coffee depending on your desired strength and taste. As a comparison, premium mainstream brands such as Taylors, LavAzza etc sell 250g bags for approx £3.50, making it on average 14p per cup.  

Expect to pay a little more per cup for your delivered subscription, with some subscriptions priced around 30-40p per cup. This is still a fraction of the cost compared to the high-street coffee house chains and the convenience and experience of the delivered subscription is worth the extra over the generic tasting options found in the supermarket.

Whats the Best Coffee Subscription For You?

Each coffee subscription looks to offer a little something different that sets them a part of the rest. To find the best coffee subscription for you, look through the following list to help you identify whats important for your coffee subscription :​

  • Frequency of Delivery Options - Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly. Most coffee subscriptions allow you to easily change the frequency until you have found the regular level of coffee to last you.
  • Available Range - Some boast over 200 different types of coffee whilst some offer less than 20 but from exclusive independent roasters.
  • Price - Dependent on amount, frequency and quality. From £3.50 -£15.00 per bag.
  • Distribution Network - The majority buy in bulk from worldwide roasters then re-package and forward to the customer, however some subscriptions are sent directly from the roasters.
  • Customer Service - If you are not happy one month then you can simply stop your subscription at any time, this keeps companies on their toes and many offer easy refund/replace policies.
  • Overall Experience - The small little touches can often make all the difference in a subscription, some companies throw in little surprise treats, some have back story information on the roasters allowing you to connect to the source of your coffee. For some this is not important and simply want their favorite coffee delivered on-time every month, whereas some enjoy exploring different roasters and flavours and learning more about each one.

Best UK Coffee Subscriptions

Our current Top 3 Coffee Subscriptions in the UK : 

Pact Coffee

pact_coffee review

The Pact Coffee Subscription delivers you 2 x 250g bags of stunning fresh coffee from just £6.95 that's only 15p a cup depending on your desired strength, making Pact Coffee the best for value from the premium coffee subscriptions.

Pact Coffee now offer a first trial box for just £1 - Click for more details

Pact Coffee Review

Overall :
Pact Coffee's branded range of quality coffee make this a great option for newcomers to the coffee subscription market.

If your looking for great coffee, ease of selection, flexible deliveries, mid-range pricing and excellent customer service then Pact Coffee Delivers.​

Kopi Coffee

If you're serious about your coffee then Kopi Coffee is for you. Often referred to as the the "Gucci" of UK coffee subscriptions, everything about Kopi Coffee oozes class and sophistication.

kopi coffee subscription

Read the Full Review of Kopi Coffee
Visit Kopi Coffee Website

Summary Review : If you like the concept of tasting a new gourmet coffee each month joining Kopi Coffee takes you on a first class luxury trip through the finest coffees from around the world.

The Coffee Roasters

coffee roasters subscription

​Instead of sending out fresh coffee under their own brand, the expert tasters at Coffee Roasters listen to your tastes and preferences right down to how you make it. They then hand pick your own personalised coffee from over 100 coffees all hand roasted from one of their 18 artisan roasters.

Read the Full Review of The Coffee Roasters
Visit The Coffee Roasters Website
Use code : "Radar" for 50% Off Your First Delivery

Summary Review : If you have some idea of the type of coffee your looking for then you are in safe hands with the experts at the Coffee Roasters. This truly personalised service is friendly and an enjoyable experience to be part of. The experts know good coffee and are always willing to listen and advise to ensure you get the best coffee for your tastes. Its like being part of an exclusive coffee tasting club without all the pretentious jargon.

​Cocoa & Roast Club


If you enjoy a chunk of quality chocolate with your coffee, then Cocoa & Roast offer a fantastic discovery box that ships artisan chocolate with each 250g pouch of fine coffee from independent micro-roasters for £19.99 per month.

The chocolate and coffee are sourced separately from independent suppliers and are matched based on their flavour and complimentary tasting tones.

Coffee Roasters are an exciting new service and have featured as our Startup of the Month you can also connect more with the team behind the service by reading the co-founders feature post which provides an insight on how he created the business. 

You can try a box with 10% off by using the discount code RADAR10 at :

Cocoa & Roast Club :

Rave Coffee

Rave Coffee are an independent family run ​business set in the heart of the Cotswolds with an onsite cafe and roasting facility. Rave's superb single origin coffee is ethically sourced, roasted sameday and shipped for approx £6.40 depending on how many months you subscribe to. Each postbox friendly box contains a brewing guide, tons of information on the coffee origin and tasting notes, which all adds to the overall Rave Coffee experience.
Read Full Review on Rave Coffee
Visit :

Bailies Hand Roasted Coffee

bailies coffee subscription

​Bailies specialise in sourcing single origin coffees and aim for full traceability to origin, farm and farmer. They know their coffee and run their own barista training courses , which has seen some to go on and win UK Barista of the Year.

artisan roast coffee subscription

Artisan Roast

For those of you yet to sample one of Scotlands finest artisan coffee houses then relax, Artisan Roast offer a 6 or 12 month pre-paid coffee subscription service which includes a 250g bag of freshly roasted coffee and a tasting card containing a back story of the coffee orgins.

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