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Toucan Box Review


Toucan Box is a subscription box for kids aged 3-8, crammed full of activities, books and crafts to entertain your little ones.

To help us look inside the Toucan Box, we have enlisted the kids from Leicester's Musical Youth to open up the box and have a go with the activities, check out how they got on in the video below.

Toucan Box Opening Video

How Much is the Toucan Box?

The are 3 different sizes of the subscription box priced as follows : 

Petite Box​ : £4.93 Inc Delivery  - Delivered Fortnightly


The Petite box contains all the materials you need for 1 themed activity, so suitable for 1 child. It is also crammed with stickers, pens and instruction booklets. There is an incentive to collect the sets of stickers and exchange full sets for bonus gifts.

This is a fortnightly box, so every two weeks you will be sent out a different theme and charged £4.98.  There is no contract and you are able to cancel at anytime.

Grande Box : £12.90 Inc Delivery - Delivered Monthly


The Grande Box contains all the materials for 2 themed activities, plus a good quality story book and an extra parents activity pack with extra ideas. This is a monthly box, with the theme changed each month.

​The Grande Box is the box that appears in our box opening video, the theme for our box this month was "Castles" . We also added the "Extra Sibling" option for our Grande Box, which was an extra £4.95, total cost £17.85 including delivery.

Super Box : £19.90 Inc Delivery - Delivered Monthly


The Super Box contains all the materials for 4 themed activities, plus a good quality story book and an extra parents activity pack with extra ideas. This like the Grande Box, is a monthly box, with the theme changed each month.

The Super Box is well suited to a large family and you can also add an "Extra Sibling" option for an extra £9.95 ​

One-Off Boxes


Paint-A-Rocket Playhouse Set : £34.95

In addition to the subscription boxes, Toucan Box also offer a wide range of one-off boxes including our favourite the Paint-A-Rocket-Playhouse set. These one-off boxes start from £9 up to over £100, which you can also send as gifts.

Toucan Box also have a range of bundle boxes, such as the birthday party boxes and the School Holiday Pack, which contains a wide range of boxes to keep your kids busy over the long break. 

Summary Review

​Both the kids and the parents from Musical Youth Club were impressed with Toucan Box, with a number saying that they would consider subscribing to a monthly box.

Getting the kids engaged with crafts and activities can sometimes be hard work for parents, either you don't have all the correct materials or other distractions like the TV or games consoles seem​ to take priority.


Having the Toucan box delivered in your children's name really adds a level of excitement when it arrives. The packaging is fun and inviting and the kids can't wait to see whats inside.

Now you have their attention, you can sit down with them, spend some quality time away from the TV and have some creative fun together. ​Well recommended!

A big thank you to everyone at Musical Youth Leicester  for taking part in the box opening video. 

musical youth club leicester

Musical Youth are a non-profit organisation offering children​ a range of musical and drama workshops in Leicester. Musical Youth also run an anti-cyber bullying programme, which is a range of drama workshops delivered into schools to raise awareness and put a stop to cyber bullying.

For more information visit their website at  :​

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