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Fresh spices, ready measured with recipes to create delicious food from around the world!

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Cooking with spices thrills the senses, but at times it can feel too complex or intimidating. The Spicery aim to make using spices really easy, fun and delicious. In each monthly subscription box you receive all the spices you need to discover a new meal, measured out with the recipe cards, delivered through your letterbox.

Whats in the box?

Each box contains 6-8 different bags of spices - some whole, some ground. These are perfectly measured out to use with the recipe card.

There are 6 different subscription options:

Friday Night Curry Discoverer - unusual curries from all around the world. From Jamaica to Sri Lanka, Indonesia to Ghana, and all over India, it's curry culinary discovery in a box! Feeds four.

One Hundred Acre Honey

Indian Restaurant Favourites - learn to make the restaurant classics with all the sides. Feeds four.

Date Night - three romantic courses from all over the world. Feeds two.

World Kitchen Explorer - two courses from a different location every month. Whether it's a Lebanese mezze then baklava, or a Sichuan hotpot and sesame biscuits, it's new and delicious each time. Feeds four.

Meat Free Magic - two vegetarian courses from a new place every month. Feeds four.

Spicery Highlights for Two - the favourite two meals from the month, sized down to feed two people.

How Much?

£20 for 3 months / £40 for 6 months / £80 for 12 months with free delivery on all orders. In addition to the convenient subscription plans, there is also a wide range of one-off packs, kits and tasty products in The Spicery Shop.

Overall Summary

Based in the heart of Bristol, The Spicery's diverse and vibrant team come together each day to cook and experiment with fresh ingredients and flavours from around the world.

Drawing on their mix of traditions and cultures creates a fusion of interesting ideas and recipes which really comes across in their monthly spice experience.

The connection to such a community of passionate chefs is something far more unique and special than any mass market supermarket offering and comes highly recommend to anyone looking to spice up dinner times with the convenience of home delivery.

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