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Hand-picked choices of the best shaving products for a a closer shave, right to your door.

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The Personal Barber's aim is simple, "To turn your shaving routine into an experience to look forward to, rather than a daily chore"

Forget picking up cheap plastic razors or paying over the odds for mainstream branded razors.

Simply signup , sit back and let The Personal Barber pick you out a stylish traditional designed safety razor plus a range skin care products to match your skin type and preferences.


Overall Summary

The Personal Barber are the only UK razor subscription which send out the classic safety razor design, instead of the more mainstream multi-blade razors.

After signing up, your first box contains the main razor plus a high quality shaving brush and shaving soap to get you started.

Subsequent boxes then include replacement blades which can easily be swapped out of the cleverly designed razor head. Each monthly box contains different grades of razor and different types of soap, allowing you to sample and customise as you go.

Overall, for a traditional wet shave, The Personal Barber offer a high quality experience that will have you looking forward to each monthly delivery. Bonus mystery items are always included, which adds an extra level of pleasure to this already exceptional service.

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