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The Insert Lounge – The Insert and Sample Swap Marketplace

​Ever wondered how those third party flyers find themselves into your subscription boxes and e-commerce deliveries?

We'd always presumed this was a direct collaboration between the companies, however this process is all handled by The Insert Lounge, an innovative platform allowing your promotional flyers to be inserted into other companies delivery boxes.


The Insert Lounge marketplace is essentially a free social network for companies to partner up and run cross promotions between their customer bases.

A large number of subscription boxes we review on Subscription Radar are all ready members including Toucan Box, Beer 52, Geek Fuel, Honest Brew and many more.

The process is simple, signup and join the marketplace for free. Then browse through the various companies you wish to insert your promotional flyers into.

The Insert Lounge Marketplace

The Insert Lounge Marketplace

​As a member you can opt to insert other companies flyers into your deliveries to help raise extra funds, insert into other companies boxes for a fee or run a cross promotional swap campaign.

Quick exposure into your target audience

​Each company has their own terms and fee based on the amount of customer deliveries going out, for example a Mother & Baby Subscription box may wish to insert their flyers into the next months Mothercare deliveries. 10,000 inserts at £35 per 1000 = total of £350.

​This cost effective pricing model is ideal for any startup looking for quick exposure to their highly relevant demographic and target audience.

Magazine Inserts

​In addition to inserts for home delivery, The Insert Lounge works with hundreds of publishers and can provide highly-relevant magazine titles to get your inserts into.

Insert Lounge can also help getting your inserts into the leading magazines.

​Larger companies can also benefit from a range of paid services including full campaign management.

Free to Join

The Insert Lounge is free to join and well worth checking out, even to just promote your subscription box service to the marketplace. The next step is to then experiment running a small campaign or host a swap to raise the funds to buy inserts in another companies deliveries.

​The presence of services like The Insert Lounge is a clear indication that the subscription economy is driving innovation and creating a new and interesting services that help support this new industry. We'll be sure to keep in regular contact with The Insert Lounge and report back on any new developments as the service evolves.

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