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The Fantasy Box Review


After huge success in the US, The Fantasy Box is now delivering its exciting box of sensual experiences to couples across the UK. In this Fantasy Box review we take a look inside to see why it's rekindling the lost spark for so many relationships.

What is the Fantasy Box?


​The Fantasy Box is a subscription box for adults, aimed at breaking down the taboos and headaches of instigating a bedroom fantasy by providing an experience for partners that encourages communication, fun and intimacy.

Fantasy Box founders, Chris and Mariah identified that one of the biggest stumbling blocks for long term partners and married couples was open communication when discussing each other’s fantasies.

Even the most connected couples find it very hard to talk openly about their fantasies. This is mostly because we're afraid of our partner’s reaction-of rejection, judgment, hurt feelings-so we just never take the risk

Chris & Mariah
Fantasy Box Founders

For couples who do manage to get past the "Talk" the next hurdle is finding tasteful high quality products to assist and enhance your experience together. Trawling through various websites or even walking into high street sex shop can be both awkward and frustrating experiences, often resulting in hastily chosen tacky items that set a low tone before the nights even begun.

​To solve this problem, Fantasy Box have taken care of every detail by combining a good balance of tasteful high quality lingerie , toys and treats with a carefully developed itinerary of sexy "tasks" and "instructions" all gift wrapped and delivered in a discreet yet seductive box for you to explore and discover together.

Whats in the Box?

​The Fantasy Box is divided into two sections, the first section aims to create the build up and intrigue by offering a card for the female and male to read privately. The second section contains a hidden compartment full of unknown items that you can only reveal to each other when instructed to.


Each card then introduces the theme of the box, which is different each month, this month theme being "Follower and Leader". The cards go on to detail how the night should unfold, starting immediately by completing a cheeky sex questionnaire, which helps reveal your fantasies, desires turn-ons and turn-offs

The cards then encourage you to plan a date night starting with dinner, where you can have a giggle as you go through each others answers from the questionnaire. This helps lighten the mood, loosen up and ultimately communicate about what you both want from the night and from each other going forward.


The Fantasy Box - Classic Package

​Dinner done and all fantasies laid out to bare, the cards then instruct you to decide who will be the leader and who will follow. This unlocks a second card each with further instructions including opening the second compartment to reveal the items. Its then up-to you on how you use the items to create the fantasies that you have just identified and discussed over dinner.

​How Much?

​The Classic Fantasy Box is the most popular choice and is priced at £49, this includes free delivery 4-5 high quality lingerie and fantasy items as shown . For £109, the upgraded Platinum Box, provides you with the assistance of your own concierge who will liaise with you on any special requests allowing you an extra level of customisation.

Fantasy Box - Platinum Edition

Fantasy Box - Platinum Edition

​The Platinum Fantasy Box also contains approximately 2-3 more items over the classic plus the lingerie and items are superior in quality. This box also offers fantastic value as many of the sensual massage toys included have a RRP at around £120 just on their own.

​The flexibility of the service easily allows the Fantasy Box to be paused at anytime, upgraded, downgraded or maybe even one off additional boxes purchased to your specific tastes and requirements. This open transparency , friendly customer service and easy to use website all contribute towards an easy, smooth ordering process.

​Overall Summary

Additional One-Boxes are also available including the Honeymoon Box

Additional One-Boxes are also available including the Honeymoon Box

​The intrigue and buildup created by the cards and the box really helps set the tone and excitement from the get go. The guys behind the themes have done a great job in creating a balance of fun, mystery and kinkiness that helps provide a comfortable yet exciting platform for your night together.

​One of the main concerns from a female perspective was the style and quality of the lingerie and outfits. If these were going to be cheap and tacky then no female will feel comfortable from the start. However, the quality is exceptional and the style of the silky black negligee and thong was both attractive and classy, plus far more suitable then what most men would pick out for their partners I suspect.

There are over 50 different themed boxes including "Slave", ensuring you won't receive the same box twice.

​From a male perspective, communication can often be tricky, particularly when it comes to sex and their partners hidden most desires. The tongue-in-cheek questionnaire allows for the topic to be a bit of fun, whilst still getting to the point. All the difficulties of purchasing toys and lingerie are taken away with the convenience of having experts in the field handpick you items that will not disappoint.

​The sensual aromatherapy candle, blindfold, sweet smelling oils and vibrating massager are all high value items that would be difficult to source at a lower price individually, this is without taking into account all the overheads put into the role play, gift wrapping and free delivery.

The items offer extra value in their longevity, allowing you to build up your collection of fantasy items across the months.

​Overall, it is easy to see why so many boxes have been shipped to happy couples across the states. The Fantasy Box is clearly improving sex lives, relationships and marriages with its sexy, high quality box of tricks that will leave you eagerly awaiting to find out what next months box has in store.

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