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The Coffee Roasters UK Review

The Coffee Roasters UK review takes a look at what makes this monthly coffee subscription different from the rest as part of our review into the best UK coffee subscriptions

The Coffee Roasters UK Review

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If your looking for variety and adventure in your Coffee Subscription then The Coffee Roasters offer something a little different to Brown Bear and Kopi.

​Founded by former Masterchef winner Lloyd Burgess, The Coffee Roasters is essentially a hand picked network of independent artisan coffee roasters offering over a 100 different fresh coffees.

lloyd burgess masterchef

The Coffee Roasters Founder Lloyd Burgess winning MasterChef 1999

Unique Personalised Service

The key to The Coffee Roasters success is the personalised service with Lloyd and his team of coffee experts hand picking your perfect coffee from its network based on your own submitted taste preferences.

Tell Lloyd the types of coffee you currently enjoy, how you like to make it or even ask for a something completely different. Lloyd and his team will then match you up with coffee to suit your tastes or surprise you with something a little different.

No Repackaging = The Freshest Coffee

Most coffee subscriptions also buy coffee beans or roasted coffee in bulk and then re-deliver under their own branded packaging.

roasterB Coffee

RoasterB Coffee, one of over 100 artisan coffees available from The Coffee Roasters Monthly Subscription

The Coffee Roasters are again different in that your peronalised selected coffee is sent directly from the roaster. This ensures that you get the freshest coffee from within a transparent supply-chain, allowing you to see the roasters origin and individual packaging and style.

This great monthly coffee subscription is very flexible and openly encourages you to send back your feedback so the experts can refine your selection and pick out something new for you to try.


​Prices start from £8.50 with no upfront payment from The Coffee Roasters, payment is taken after delivery to ensure you are happy with the coffee that has been selected for you. There are a number of flexible delivery options such as weekly or monthly. Delivery is also available for outside the UK.


coffee roasters subscription

This truly personalised service is friendly and an enjoyable experience to be part of. The experts know good coffee and are always willing to listen and advise to ensure you get the best coffee for your tastes. Its like being part of an exclusive coffee tasting club without all the pretentious jargon.

Further Info

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