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Tails Review – Healthy dog food delivery

Tails is a new healthy dog food subscription service, which aims to revolutionise the way we feed our dogs. To find out more, this Tails review takes a detailed look into the service to see how it all works and why its attracting 1000's of new UK subscribers every month.

Our love of dogs has created the most diverse species

Dog ownership is at a record high, with a quarter of the UK population now counting a dog as a much loved member of the family.

Thanks to generations of breeding new varieties, thousands of different breeds are now available, making dogs one of the most diverse species on the planet.

Every dog is unique, why isn't their food?

​Whilst the genetics and characteristics of dogs continue to evolve, the dog food industry has remained fairly static, serving up mass produced food aimed at feeding all dogs regardless of the breed, size and unique characteristics.

What's the correct food and amount for our dog?

​Food is the most important factor in your dogs life, but how many of us really know exactly what food and how much we should be giving our dogs to match their exact dietary requirements?

68% owners overfeed their dogs. Source : Independant

As a result of a lack of understanding experts believe there's a growing epidemic of overfeeding our pets, with over 68% of owners over feed their dogs with the wrong food.

From weaning puppies into old age our dogs need a different balance of food throughout their lives.

Feeding our dogs the wrong type and amount of food including extra scraps from the dinner table can lead to all sorts of health and behavioural problems, not to mention expensive trips to the vets.

Therefore it's vital you get the right food at the right price to ensure your dog maintains a happy and healthy life.

The one-size fits all approach to dog food is wrong

At present the dog food market is flooded with both expensive luxury brands and suspiciously cheap bulk budget food.

Due to lack of information, the majority of us opt for a random scoop from the main brands at the supermarket, but it's becoming more evident that this one-size fits all approach doesn't make sense when our dogs are so uniquely different.

A better solution is needed

To help solve this problem, a team of 8 entrepreneurs got together with the aim to change the pet food industry for ever. Using their experience of creating innovative brands such as Graze and Innocent drinks, they brought together teams of dog nutritionists, vets, logistic experts and technology wizards to create a tailored dog food delivery service, which uses data to create a bespoke blend of food to match your dogs exact dietary requirements.

The Tails.com team

Introducing Tails.Com

From an idea, to a startup to now one of the most disruptive services in the UK dog food market, the multi-award winning service from Tails is now attracting thousands of new subscribers every month, all eager to take advantage of its simple yet smarter way to feed your dog.


How does Tails work?

Signup online, complete a 5 step questionnaire then receive a tailored blend of custom food matched to your dogs exact nutritional requirements , delivered direct to your door every month.

A personalised custom scoop is included in your first delivery to ensure your dog gets the exact portion it needs at meal times based on your dogs size and breed.

​The online questionnaire is simple and painless, taking around 5-10 minutes to complete. The questions give you a clear indication of the attention to detail Tails go to when creating your dogs unique personalised blend.

The short online survey asks questions such as : 

  • Your dogs name
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Exercise amount
  • Personality
  • Current brand/type of food

This information instantly generates a unique blended recipe, matched to your dogs exact requirements. The various nutrients are listed in an easy to follow recipe card. 

If your happy to proceed, you can then enter your payment details and your first delivery will be sent out within the next few days. Your subscription will then automatically send out deliveries every month to ensure you never run out, whilst  allowing you the flexibility to tweak the amount, pause it or simply cancel at anytime.

How much does Tails cost?

The monthly price varies depending on the size of your dog and the amount of food required. 

For example our dog, Marigold a PooJan breed featured in the review is a small/medium sized dog weighing 8.6 kg, her tailored food blend came to £14 per month, which is the equivalent of around 46p per day.

Example pricing guide based on average dog weights :

tails review online dog food delivery

Overall Summary

96% positive reviews online​

​General opinion of Tails across the Internet is hugely positive, for example Trust Pilot rates it at 9.6/10 from over 5k reviews. Many current subscribers have posted rave reviews of their dogs coats being healthier, having more energy and also fussy dogs being easily converted to the tasty blend that Tails offer. The following sums up the general opinion online : 

"We have noticed a massive difference in his coat and weight, plus it's a lot cheaper and the delivery and payments are so hassle-free, with such a busy schedule I never forget to go to the pet shop."​

Good Value

​In terms of value the pricing for Tails at first glance is about mid range in comparison to off the shelf brands at the supermarket. However the real value comes in when you factor the free delivery and the simple yet smart service on offer.

Convenient and better overall experience

The piece of mind knowing that the portion size and the type of food you are giving your dog is the best you can provide makes the experience far superior to anything else on the market.

Access to dog experts and pet nutritionists

​The welcome pack, emails and information booklets really communicate the extra level of care that Tails take to ensure your dog is well looked after. Step-by-step instructions show you how to gradually introduce the new Tails food with your existing dog food. There's also plenty of tips and advice on offer including on-line access to the team of Tails experts should you have any concerns or wish to adjust your next delivery.

High quality personalised packaging

​The packaging is well presented and the personalisation of your dogs name on the food bag, custom scoop and throughout the booklets makes the service feel more special and unique to your dog, which is a really nice touch.

tails review healthy dog food online delivery

Never run out again with free home delivery

Home delivery is free, convenient and the smart subscription knows when you will run out based on your scoop portions, so say goodbye to running out and nipping to the shops again or feeding your dog with leftovers.​

Dogs love it

​Most importantly dogs seem to love the food, from both our own experience and subscribers we've spoken to Tails seem to have created a healthy blend that dogs go mad for. This has helped many owners with fussy eating dogs to settle on a regular routine, which is both vital for the dog and one less thing for you to worry about.

And finally...

​Overall, Tails have created the type of subscription service which inspired us to launch Subscription Radar, they have taken a current problem with the market and provided an innovative solution that delivers both a better level of product and a better level of experience for the same price.

​Sign up for a free 2 week trial now to see for yourself - you will not be disappointed!

Tails Discount Code

Use the following code to get a bonus two week free trial instead of the standard 1 week : ​


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