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Subscription Startup of The Month: Happiness Inside


In this new monthly feature, we aim to focus on a new subscription startup each month to showcase the wide range of exciting new subscription boxes and services launching in the UK.

This month we are pleased to introduce ​Happiness Inside, created by Zurich based Dmitry Golubnichy who is running an IndieGoGo funding campaign to raise investment for his intriguing box of happiness.

​What is Happiness Inside?

Subscription StartUp Happiness Inside

The process is simple, upload ​a ton of photo memories (100 is recommended) to the Happiness Inside website, an assigned Happiness Detector will then curate you a highly personalised box of hand picked items and then deliver them to your door for a healthy fix of surprise happiness.

What's in the Box?​

Well that would ruin the surprise, however the team are confident that by evaluating your fond memories they can identify the really important things in your life. The box will then be full of items to help remind you what really makes you happy. 

How Much and How to Buy?

The Happiness Inside Box is currently raising finance ​to launch the service through  an IndiGoGo crowdfunding Campaign, however you can receive your own box ready for Christmas by supporting the campaign and pledging a minimum of £30.

Dmitry Golubnichy creator of Happiness Inside

Dmitry Golubnichy creator of Happiness Inside

There are other pledge packages available from around £7 which gets you a personalised thank you card right up to pledging over £350 giving you the opportunity of creating your own Happiness Inside Box with the team to sell or give to people to help promote your brand.

Overall Summary

We love the concept of the Happiness Inside Box, the challenge for ​Dmitry and his team will be in the amount of time it may take to curate and deliver these highly custom boxes around the world.

If the Kickstarter campaign is a success and the first wave of boxes are well received then we see this​ becoming a fantastic subscription box. It is all too easy to put aside our dreams and sources of happiness as we continue to work more and play less.

Happiness Inside Campaign on Kickstarter

Happiness Inside Campaign on Kickstarter

The Happiness Inside box provides items as gentle reminders to what's really important to us. If that can help switch our focus to follow our dreams more than this all sounds like an amazing monthly experience. 

​For more information visit the KickStarter page for Happiness Inside

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