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Graze + Discount Code

Graze is the leading healthy snack subscription in the UK, delivering a huge range of personalised sweet and savoury snacks to your door or place of work as frequently as you wish.

Graze has become hugely successful in both home and the office as a convenient way to avoid the standard chocolates, biscuits and crisps during the day.

Graze snacks on offer include flapjacks, nuts, seeds, olives, yogurt toppers, dried meats, crisp bites, dried fruit, plus there's still high-cocoa based chocolate and low-calorie cake slices for those looking to still indulge in an occasional sweet treat.

Subscribers can easily tailor their snack boxes via a 1-click rating profile to ensure you only get the types of snacks you like. Plus, the ability to tweak, skip, and upgrade snack selections at any time.

Graze launched in the UK in 2008 by seven friends, including the experienced founder of Lovefilm. Graze has since expanded into the US, stocking healthy snack punnets in most major supermarkets and becoming one of the most successful subscription box brands in the world.
Subscriptions from only £4.49 per month
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  • Graze is a weekly or fortnightly box
  • Choose between the Variety, Light or Protein Box
  • Receive 4 different snacks from over 100 different snack recipes in every box
  • Personalise your snack selections by rating and voting your likes and dislikes
  • The perfect selection of healthy snacks to help get you through the day
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with no hassle
  • Receive member-only offers for a wide range of bulk sized snack products
  • Graze is a UK based company
  • Graze typically ships within 3-5 days from signing up
  • Flexible subscription – cancel, pause, upgrade or downgrade at anytime