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Subscription boxes… rip off, or right idea? on ITV

By David Toon / 20th September 2016

As the popularity of subscription boxes continues to rise in the UK,  the media are starting to take more of an interest into the types of boxes now available and the levels of value and customer experience on offer.


Recently ITV's This Morning programme aired a feature dedicated to Subscription Boxes which included their consumer affairs expert Alice Beer  introduced a range of subscription boxes to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

During the segment they covered a range of boxes we have featured in our reviews including Hello Fresh from our Best Meal Recipe Box feature. We also saw Bruu Tea, Honest Beer Craft Beer ,  BirchBox, Glossy Box plus plenty more on our schedule to review.

Watch the video clip

​Overall the reaction was positive with Alice Beer commenting that "Subscription boxes are huge now in the UK and here to stay". Both Phillip and Holly looked impressed with the range on offer, apart from  Cheese Postie, however it wasn't made clear to him that this wasn't just your average toastie but  the ultimate cheese toastie sent to you door.

We'll continue to report any further major media coverage on subscription boxes as it continues to rise in popularity.

The video features on the ITV website which can be found here.

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