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Startup of the Month : Cocoa & Roast Club


We are excited to announce this months Startup of the Month is the Cocoa & Roast Club, a new UK Artisan Coffee and Chocolate Subscription Box.

This feature aims to inspire anyone interested in creating a new subscription box business by showcasing the types of new businesses hitting the market and stories from the people behind them. 

​Paul, Co-Founder at Cocoa & Roast Club got in touch with us a few months ago with details of his new service that combines the winning combination of fresh coffee and chocolate into a monthly subscription experience.

At this point Paul and his Co-founder were preparing for launch, so had some great information on how they'd managed to get from just an idea to a full scalable business. We are therefore delighted that Paul has offered to share this information in a series of feature posts which documents his journey and the steps they made.

You can access Paul's first post here


Review & Discount Code

If you're interested in trying out a box check out our Cocoa & Roast Club review for more information.

Use discount code RADAR10 to claim 10% off your first box at :
 Cocoa & Roast Club.
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