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Recommended Reading for Starting a Subscription Box

This article lists a collection of useful and inspirational articles and books we recommend for anyone looking to start and grow a subscription based business.

Wether your just starting out in the planning stages or already have an existing business these links should provide a spark of inspiration to help you on your journey.

Read This First : 1000 True Fans by Kevin Kelly

If you only have time to read one article read this it will only take you 10 minutes and will help change and develop the way you approach your thinking towards your business.

Although not exclusive to just starting a subscription business , the key principles help explain the concept of identifying a niche and then nurturing your business idea around a core loyal customer base to then scale your business around them. It was also one of the inspirations for launching Subscription Radar!

Subscription Box Startup Case Studies​

The Inner Workings of a Subscription Box Company

A reddit post from the guys that took WetShaveClub from 4k to 100k per month in just 6 months. This post was the inspiration behind many subscription box startups, including our very own Paul from Cocoa & Roast who mentions it in his own blog post here, which is also well worth checking out. Read More

​Starting a Subscription Box By Dayna Winter

This in-depth article follows the steps Dayna took from planning right through to launching her successful Korean beauty box. Although the post is in connection with Shopify, which is the e-commerce platform that Dayna used to launch her business, this article still provides a huge insight and plenty of actionable tips. Read More

Advice from a serial subscription box entrepreneur

A great post from Jameson Morris, the co-founder of US based based Yogi Surprise. In addition to this insightful interview, there is also links to Jameson's own blog , which also contains plenty more useful tips and advice on running a sub box business. Read More

Subscription Model Books 

The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow

A guide to creating a subscription business in any industry, this book provides a good overview of the subscription model and how it can be used to scale a profitable business.

For more information on the author INC ran a small feature which you can check out here.

From 0 to 1000 Subscribers by Bemmu Sepponen

This e-book follows the journey of Bemmu who created a Japanese candy subscription box from scratch. We also ran a full feature on the book which you can read here.

Tips, Tactics & Entrepreneurial Books 

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

From the best selling author of the 4-Hour Work Week (also highly recommended), Tools of Titans aims to pick out the tactics, routines and habits from the various billionaires, icons and world class performers that Tim has interviewed on his hugely popular podcast over at

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

One of they key principles to growing a subscription business is to keep experimenting, listen to your audience, measure your analytics and keep evolving. This model of working is now commonly referred to as the lean startup approach, a model we highly recommend your apply to your business.

Further Resources

The Subscription School

Created by the US based subscription box platform CrateJoy, Subscription School aims to offer guides, resources and tips for launching a running a subscription box business. Although geared up to promote CrateJoy's paid services, the website is free to use and does offer a good range of useful guides.

Zuora Academy

Zuora are the subscription software provider for larger multi-national businesses, however they also offer a good range of free guides and interesting industry news articles on the rising trend of the subscription economy.

More resources coming soon...

We'll continue to keep adding more links to articles and books into this feature as we find them. If you have any you recommend and wish to share then feel free to contact us.

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