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The worlds fastest growing craft beer community delivers a monthly selection of 8 beers.

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A monthly selection box packed full of paleo based snacks to help support a healthy balanced paleo based diet.

The Paleo based diet is all about eating clean natural foods similar to how our ancestors did in Paleolithic times. Modern food processing and production methods are deemed to be the cause of a rise in allergies, weight gain and general health problems.

Primal snack box does the hunting for you, tracking down a range of different paleo snacks from independent suppliers and putting them all together into a monthly discovery experience.

Overall Summary

Maintaining any type of diet is always a challenge, particularly during those times in the day when you need a snack and only have convenience foods available.

To help keep you stocked up, Primal Snack Box delivers a good selection of tasty paleo snacks to keep you going throughout the day, whilst also introducing you to new brands and suppliers that you probably haven't have heard of before.

Nourish macaroons featured in Sept 2016 Primal Snack Box

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