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Pop in a Box Monthly Funko Pop Vinyl Figures Review


Pop In A Box is the only dedicated UK subscription box sending out mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl figures direct to your door every month. Receive 1 to 12 of the hottest Pop! figures from your wishlist by creating your own online Pop In A Box profile, which aims to save you time and money managing your collection and ensuring you never receive the same Pop! twice. This Pop In A Box review checks out how it all works and rates the service for value and overall experience.

What are Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures?


Funko is a US based company who manufacture vinyl pop culture toys. Since 2005, Funko Pop figures have exploded in popularity thanks to licensing deals with some of the biggest entertainment, game and film franchises including Marvel, DC Comics, Lucas Film, Paramount Pictures, Ubisoft, Disney and many many more.


Rare early #2 Funko Freddy Choco Glow sold for $7,850 on eBay

Also known as bobbleheads, these cute little collectibles hit the market to accompany every major film, game and TV series release. The bug to collect your favourite characters is spreading fast as eager Pop! Figure hunters pay anything from the standard £9-£18 a pop right upto crazy prices for rare limited edition Funkos selling for £1000's on eBay.

You can buy the majority of Funko Pop! figures from a mix of high street stores and online outlets, but to help manage your collection and add a level of mystery and convenience Pop In A Box have launched their hugely popular monthly subscription service.​

​How Much is Pop In A Box?


​For 1 x POP! the cost is £8.49 + £3.50 P&P, so £11.99 in total. This is around £1.50 cheaper compared to the standard £9.99 RRP in most online outlets including Amazon, when factoring in the P&P costs.

​You can also save more money per Pop! plus take advantage of the fixed P&P costs by adding additional Pops to your Box. The most popular is 2 x Pops for £20.38 per month, right upto the best value 12 Pop! box for the serious collector at £94.99, working out at £7.92 per Pop!

What's in the Box?

​Based on the quantity you set , you will receive 1-12 hand picked Pops! selected at random from your online wishlist. This is a good feature of the service as it provides an element of surprise, whilst ensuring you do not receive any Pops! you already have or do not wish to receive.


Our current Pop! collection

​Each Pop! you receive will automatically be ticked off on your unique online Pop Tracker profile, so you don't need to update this yourself each month. You can also thumbs up or down whole categories of Pops!, making it easy and quite fun to manage your wishlist.

Extra Bonuses

The Tardis - Oversized Pop!

The Tardis - Oversized Pop!

​Every month over a 1000 exclusive prizes are added to randomly selected boxes, these bonus items can include exclusive and over-sized pops to stickers, comics and extra geeky goodies.

​Being a Pop In A Box subscriber also gives you automatic discount in the online shop, allowing you to purchase one-off items and other rare and exclusive items.

​You can also receive free Pops! by sharing your unique referral code to friends, if they sign up you get free Pops!

​Overall Summary

​For both casual or serious collector of the Funko Pop! figures, Pop In A Box provides an exciting service that will save you both time and money as you eagerly await to unbox your mystery Pop! every month!


Manage your Pop! collection and wishlist online.

​The online Pop Tracker for wish list management is well designed and easy to use, simply thumbs up or down against Pops! you want and don't want to receive. This is something you will want to do straight away to ensure you get your favourite Pops!.

Limited Edition Chase Pops! like the Joker Chase Light Suit Varant

Limited Edition Chase Pops! like the Joker Chase Light Suit Varant

You will be amazed on how many figures are available, with hundreds on offer and over 500 exclusive to Pop-in a Box, including rare Chase versions, which are limited edition variants.

The huge range looks a big job to go through, but using the bulk category like/dislike function is a useful feature to help speed up setting your wish list.

​There's also a Collectors Leaderboard, allowing you to connect into the collector community by viewing the biggest collections, with the biggest collectors having over 3000 Pops!

There is no contract or commitment, allowing you to pause, upgrade, downgrade or cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. ​

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Pop!

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Pop!

​Overall Pop In A Box offers good value on price compared with the other retailers, but for us the main advantage is the time saved from having to trawl through different retailers, comparing prices and being overwhelmed by the amount of Pops! available.

Pop In A Box provides a good balance of convenience by picking and handling the shipping all for you, whilst still ensuring you get only the Pops you want from your wish list. A fun and highly recommended subscription that takes away the headaches of shopping, allowing you to simply enjoy a surprise self-gift whilst building your collection. 

To signup or for more info visit : https://popinabox.co.uk/

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