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One Hundred Acre Honey Subscription

This feature takes a closer look into the monthly honey subscription box from One Hundred Acre to see how the service works and what you can expect to receive as a subscriber.


Supermarket Honey vs Quality Luxury Honey 

The health benefits, taste and use of honey as a natural sweetener continues to drive honey sales across the UK. Due to cheap prices and convenience the majority of honey consumed in the UK is sadly the low quality mass produced type found in supermarkets.

The quality and flavour of honey is all determined by the region, type of bee and the flowers that bees use to create the honey. Buying honey from smaller independents allow you to sample the huge range of different flavours plus benefit from the highest quality , nutrient rich honey that has not been over processed for the mass market.

Finding the best honey for your money

Hunting these small batch honey suppliers can be difficult, high prices, lack of knowledge and limited time to shop around often results in many to opt for the easy option of the supermarket.

However, to help connect honey lovers with real luxury honey, 3 brothers who really know their honey have launched One Hundred Acre to help bring quality honey to your door.

What is One Hundred Acre?

One Hundred Acre is a UK luxury honey subscription box, delivering a different style of honey every month. Subscribers simply signup online then receive monthly honey until they wish to pause or cancel with no commitment. 

Whats in the Box?

Subscribers receive 1 x jar of luxury honey carefully selected from a range of high quality independent honey producers from around the world. The box often contains an added bonus accessory such as a wooden honey drizzler.

How much is it?

£11.99 per month, Subscription Radar readers can get an exclusive 30% discount using the code : RADAR30. Allowing you to trial out your first box for just £8.40 - Limited Time Only

Once you've tried it out, you can save up to £2 per delivery by pre-paying for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.

All subscribers also receive 10% discount off anything in the One Hundred Acre store, allowing you to save a little when buying one-offer hampers and gifts for family and friends.

Overall Summary


If you enjoy real quality honey, then a monthly subscription from One Hundered Acre is a great way to discover the range of different types and flavours of honey from the comfort of your home without all the leg work of shopping around.

In terms of value, £11.99 is a premium price for 1 jar of honey, similar styles of honey can be bought online individually for anything between £5 and £20 for a quality small batch honey. However, if you consider the time it would take to signup to different honey supplier websites, having to remember to order each month etc then the benefits of simply signing up once will appeal to those who wish to just discover the best honey with no fuss.


​Currently One Hundred Acre, who are one of the first honey subscriptions to launch in the UK are also the only service to offer a simple rolling monthly payment, with many others only offering an upfront 3 month commitment, making One Hundred Acre a good option to trial out the concept of monthly honey to your door.

​They also make a 1% donation of profits towards bee charities to help support smaller independent beekeepers.

​Overall, One Hundred Acre offer a good level of customer satisfaction, regular subscribers are clearly enjoying the experience of receiving quality honey that has been carefully researched and picked on their behalf, there is no commitment with the option to pause or cancel at anytime, allowing you to sample the service for a couple of months before opting to pre-pay for future months at a discounted price.

Discount Code

Use the code RADAR30 for an exclusive 30% off your first subscription box plus the voucher is valid across the online store including honey hampers and gift boxes.

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