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NOW TV Review

In this NOW TV review we look at some of the key features to see if it's a worthy alternative to Netflix. Powered by Sky with a simple and flexible streaming service, NOW TV, offers a slightly different model to its rivals. In addition to movies and TV series, NOW TV also offer access to a range of LIVE Sky Channels including Sky 1, MTV and Sky Sports. The service is essentially a no contract pay monthly Sky TV service that allows you to chop and change the packages you want.

​There are currently 3 packages to choose, swap or even bundle together : 

The Entertainment Pass - £6.99 per month.
Offering 13 pay TV channels that you won’t find on Freeview, like Sky Atlantic, Sky 1, FOX and MTV. The Jewel in the Crown is Sky Atlantic, which can boast the epic Game of Thrones series, which is arguably worth the subscription price on its own.

The Sky Movies Pass - £9.99 per month
A higher price than Netflix's £5.99 but NOW TV can offer more of the latest blockbuster films a long time before Netflix can, with up to 16 premiere added each month. 

​​The Sports Pass - £6.99 for 1 Day Pass or £10.99 for 1 Week Pass
A good option if you want to catch a big live sporting event and share the cost with a group of friends. It may seem pricey but in comparison you will be looking at paying £30 per month at least for Sky Sports on top of an ongoing TV subscription with Sky or Virgin, so good value if you just want to catch one or two big sports events during the month.

How to Watch Now TV

You can watch NOW TV through any of the latest browsers connected to the internet, allowing you to easily watch via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. To watch NOW TV through your TV you will need a compatible device such as a free-view box, smart TV or games console such as Xbox or PlayStation (not the Wii at present).


Now Tv Box

If you do not have a compatible device to play through your TV then you can purchase the NOW TV set-top box for around £15, which also gives you a handy remote control and access to more content via various bundled apps.

If you do not want another set-top box sitting near your TV then another affordable alternative is to purchase the ChromeCast at £25.

chromecast movie streaming

Stream to your TV with ChromeCast

This is a great USB dongle that plugs into your Smart TV and allows you to connect your home internet stream to your TV via your phone, laptop, pc or tablet, so anything that you can watch and connect to on your phone can now be sent to your TV.

Upside of NOW TV

Swapping and changing these packages based on the upcoming shows you want to see will ensure that you are getting good value from a wide range of premium content. However, this will only be the case if you do pre-plan and manage the service to ensure you get the best out of it.


Downside of NOW TV

NOW TV is not available in HD and there have been a few reports on buffering issues.  Also, catchup series and available box sets can change on a monthly basis, due to the arrangements Sky have with US based broadcasters.

This can be frustrating if you're half way through a series, so ensure you check availability dates.


​A good flexible option for those wanting the occasional benefits and channels from Sky without the commitment of a yearly contract. Premium shows and content is available sooner on NOW TV with Sky's muscle and links to HBO but it does come at higher price and only in standard definition.

​NOW TV Free Trial

Give NOW TV a free trial to see what you think and ensure to cancel if you do not want to continue else you will be charged for your first month. You can also cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

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