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Get 4-6 geek inspired collectibles + an EXCLUSIVE T-shirt. £40 RRP of goodies included.



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Receive 4-6 collectibles plus an exclusive t-shirt with a total RRP of over £40 delivered for £23.

Based in the US, Nerd Block deliver across the UK and are becoming popular in the UK.

The key difference between Nerd Block and other geek subscription boxes is that Nerd Blocks items are highly centered around collectibles, so expect plenty of Funko Pops and other figurines to add to your collections. Plus Nerd Block often use guest curators, which has seen the likes of Wierd Al hand pick items for the monthly box theme. 

Overall, Nerd Block are one of the most popular US geek boxes and £23 delivered to the UK is a great price to get your hands on it. Don't forget to use the code RADAR15NERD for 15% off your first box!

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