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Fitness Subscription Boxes for guys & girls who want to get fit, build muscle and eat healthy.

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​Born in the USA, Musclebox has now become one of the biggest gym subscription boxes in the world, now shipping internationally including the UK.

Unlike other gym subscription boxes, which mainly just ship an assortment of protein supplements and snacks, Musclebox goes the extra mile by including a huge array of motivational items.

From tight fitting t-shirts, vests, posters, shaker bottles to in-depth meal plans and workout guides., Musclebox is just packed full of items to get you pumped both physically and mentally for the rest of the month.

Box options include a dedicated Protein box, Mens Box or Womens box.

Overall Summary

This premium package does come at a cost at $39.99 shipped to the UK, which due to the weak pound at the moment currently converts to around £32 including delivery. However, its worth mentioning that the items of the box would cost you almost double if you went out and purchased the items yourself, not to mention all the time you'd have to spend shopping around for it all.

The current 15,000 subscribers and 200,000 boxes shipped are testament to the quality of items and service that Musclebox consistently deliver to subscribers. 

Overall, a good monthly fix of nutritional and motivational items to keep you pumped and focus to help you smash through the months workout schedule.

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