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The Marvel Crate – get a hero delivery and the ultimate gift for Marvel fans!

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Lower the comic and take a look at the most epic Marvel delivery around! The Marvel Crate is brought to you by LootCrate™ and contains the most awesome exclusive accessories, apparel and collectables. It’s a must have for Marvel fans around the world!

Whats in the box?

Each Marvel Crate is sent to you bi-monthly with a truly epic theme – past themes include ‘Marvel Knights’, Cosmic Party’, ‘Super Science’ and ‘Mystics’. If you’ve been a diehard Marvel fan and want to get the latest exclusive gear featuring your favourite Marvel comic book superheroes and villains, this is the ultimate treat!

One Hundred Acre Honey

How Much?

Ready to jump in? A 1 month or 3 month subscription costs £39 per box, or subscribe for 6 months for just £38 per box. Cancel any time!

Overall Summary

Excited yet? Grab a 1 month or 3 month subscription for £39 per box, or subscribe for 6 months for just £38 per box. Bring a slice of the Marvel Universe into your world for as long as you like - you can cancel any time.

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