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Receive a monthly box of quirky Japanese sweets and snacks directly to your door!

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Japan Candy Box is a handpicked selection of the most kawaii sweets and snacks around! Filled with cute and colourful treats, it’s a taste of Tokyo with every monthly delivery straight to your door.

Whats in the box?

Each Japan Candy Box has 10 authentic Japanese treats inside, a perfect mix of gummies, candy, biscuits, pocky, gum and more! You’ll find DIY kits to make cute characters out of candy and amazing candy games (including trays, molds and ingredients to make each candy a fun and personal experience).

How Much?

Find a subscription plan that works for you – a rolling 1-month plan costs $19.90 / month. (Approx £15) If you’d rather pre-pay or buy a Japan Candy Box subscription as a gift, why not get a 6-month subscription ($18.90 / month) or a 12-month subscription ($18.20 / month)

One Hundred Acre Honey

Overall Summary

Japan Candy Box is a great way to enjoy cute yummy Japanese candy and join a thriving community of Japanese candy fans! Shipping is free worldwide and every subscriber is automatically entered into the monthly Japan Candy Megabox raffle, valued at over $100!

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