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Introducing uOpen – The UK Subscription Box Marketplace

By David Toon / 14th June 2018

Today,  I’m very excited to announce the launch of uOpen, the UK’s first subscription box marketplace. Over the past 12 months I’ve been directly involved in the project, working alongside Jellyfish Connect to help build the platform. It's been an amazing experience working with the team and bringing my insights of the industry to the project.

Let's take a closer look at uOpen, to see how it all works for customers looking to buy subscription boxes and for merchants interested getting listed to promote your subscription box in this rapidly expanding industry.

What is uOpen?

The uOpen Subscription Box Marketplace

The uOpen Subscription Box Marketplace

uOpen is the UK’s first dedicated subscription box marketplace,  showcasing a wide range of new and established boxes, allowing customers to place their orders and manage ongoing subscriptions directly through the site.

How does uOpen work?

Browse, discover and signup to subscriptions from a wide range of approved independent sellers and retailers. All purchases and subscriptions are then easily managed directly through your uOpen account.Send boxes as gifts, or subscribe to the boxes you love yourself.

Is the UK subscription box industry still expanding?

Very much so! A recent survey ran by Jellyfish Connect reports that nearly one fifth of Brits have now signed up to subscription boxes - that's more than 12 million of us that have signed up for a subscription box in the last six months - as more and more of the British public are increasingly moving away from the High Street. Compare this to 2014, where less than 1% of us had a subscription, proving it is still one of the fastest-growing retail trends in the UK right now.

Who is Jellyfish Connect?

Part of the award winning Jellyfish digital marketing agency group, Jellyfish Connect is one of the market leaders in the subscription marketing industry, helping generate millions of subscriptions for the world’s largest magazine publishers every year. Seeing the growing trend in the subscription box market, it was a natural progression to expand their subscription marketing expertise and industry knowledge to launch uOpen and help promote and evolve the UK subscription box marketplace.

uOpen offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to ride the wave of the subscription box trend. Through large-scale digital marketing campaigns and social and influencer activities, uOpen will drive huge volumes of traffic from consumers interested in and searching for subscription boxes, making it easy, fast and safe for them to buy through the platform

Carola York 
Managing Director at uOpen

How do I list my subscription box business on uOpen?

Apply to Sell on the uOpen Marketplace

Apply to Sell on the uOpen Marketplace

Merchants looking to get listed on uOpen can get started now by applying to sell here. All applications are vetted and approved based on quality, value for money and first-rate customer experience. Once accepted, merchants can create and submit their product listings  based on a range of custom options, variants and subscription types.

How much does it cost to be listed on uOpen?

Operating on a revenue share agreement, uOpen makes it free and straightforward for merchants to set up and list their boxes on the site. Full information on the revenue share and how it works can be found here.


uOpen is an exciting prospect for the industry; With backing and investment from a leading digital tech firm in Jellyfish, the marketplace will continue to rapidly innovate, with additional features and functionality planned as more merchants continue to join the marketplace, providing a greater experience and choice for consumers. It’s been a huge amount of hard work from an amazing team, which may help help explain why Subscription Radar has been a little less active over the past few months.

Huge thanks to all those merchants and subscription box fans over the years who have all helped contribute to Subscription Radar, these learnings have really helped shape the uOpen marketplace and I look forward to being part of this new journey as uOpen evolves.

​If your interested in learning more about uOpen, please check out the marketplace to see the diverse selection of categories and boxes already available to consumers. Or if you’re a merchant interested in selling through uOpen then please visit the dedicated seller’s site.


As always, I’d be really keen to hear your views and feedback on uOpen or the UK subscription box industry in general, whether your an existing merchant, startup , blogger or subscription box addict, I’d love to hear from you! You can email me directly here, or feel free to connect via LinkedIn

About the author

David Toon

15 years as a Full-Stack IT developer and consultant, currently working with clients in education, digital marketing and online businesses. Founder of Subscription Radar and Toon Media. Passionate about working with online technology, startups and travel. Big fan of Tim Ferriss, The Lean Startup Model, SAAS and the Subscription Model.