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Introducing Buckt – The UK’s only ticket and activity subscription box

In this post we're pleased to introduce Buckt, the UK's first and only monthly ticket and activity subscription box experience. We caught up with founder Daniel Bridgewater to tell us all about it.

​What exactly is Buckt?

Buckt is the UK's only bi-monthly tickets and activities subscription box. Every other month subscribers get 8-10 mystery things to do delivered directly to their door.

Buckt Founder - Daniel Bridgewater launched Buckt through a successful Kickstarter Campaign

How much does it cost?

For an individual subscription it costs £25 every two months. For a couples subscription it costs £45 every two months.

What makes Buckt unique to other subscription boxes?

Buckt is the only subscription box that provides tickets and activities in this way. We have created a unique system, and built relationships with a plethora of organisations, meaning we can provide a service never before seen.

How did it all start and why a Subscription Box Business?

It's a bit of a soppy story. Basically, I broke up with my ex girlfriend about 18 months ago, and obviously I felt slightly glum about the whole situation. One day, I woke up and decided to write a bucket list. Don't ask me why! I must have read about it somewhere. Honestly, the process was soooo therapeutic. It gave me something to look forward to, and made me realise that I would be happy again. I wanted to give this feeling to others.

Linked to this, there were too many times that I had sat their with my mates or my ex scrolling on our phones or iPads trying to find unique and memorable things to do at the weekend.I wanted to inspire people, I wanted to make them smile, I wanted to help them create memories. I felt the subscription box model was the best way of going about it because these problems - especially boredom and the lack of inspiration - are consistent things regardless of the time of year and your context. A subscription box allowed us to maintain a relationship with our customers and impact their lives in a long-term way.

What advice you would offer for people planning on launching their own subscription box business?

​Regardless of whether it's a sub-box or any other business, you need to find the problem and base your solution around it. Someone told me to 'fall in love with the problem'. If you find a problem (and people have shown that this is a problem they have), and you find a solution that people like (by asking them and testing it with them), then you're on to a winner!

​Which Buckt experiences have been your personal favourites so far?

​Hmmm good question! About 100 subscribers went to an ice hockey match together recently. This was really cool! Seeing people that had never been to a hockey match before jumping off their seats and screaming at the top of their lungs was amazing; seeing that was phenomenal. We want to create memories for our subscribers, and I guarantee that everyone there will remember that day. I also went to a trampoline park with my friends and that was brilliant. Honestly, it was the most fun I've had in a long-time, and can't wait to go back again.

​Can you can us a sneak peek of things to come from Buckt?

​Now, that would be telling! We have announced that we've included a 'rage room' in our next box, and honestly I'm sooo excited to have them involved. The premise is simple: you have 30 minutes to smash everything in the room with your weapon of choice! How cool is that?! When I tell people about that, there faces light up! Personally, I can't wait to do it.


A big thank you to Daniel for telling us more about Buckt and the steps he took to making it all happen.

For those of you looking to find out more about Buckt or interested in trying out the service use the following code to get yourself 10% off your first order, Enjoy!

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