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Interview with Quarterly.Co

By David Toon / 19th May 2015

Quarterly is a US based online service offering specially curated subscription boxes with hand picked items from your favourite celebrities, writers, artists and life gurus.

We speak to Alinn Louv, Marketing Manager at Quarterly to find out more about the service and how it all works.

What is Quarterly?

​Quarterly is a unique subscription service that delivers exclusive, limited-edition boxes from popular social influencers, such as Bill Nye, Pharrell and Nina Garcia.

Forever a Student by Pharrell

Forever a Student by Pharrell

How long has Quarterly been operating?

Quarterly has been around for 4 years now.

Is Quarterly available in the UK?

Yes! Our boxes are shipped worldwide, with only a few exceptions for limited edition boxes.

How much are the boxes?

Boxes range from $50 to $100, plus shipping. For international subscribers, shipping is $30.

Are there any restrictions or features that are not available to UK subscribers?

There is currently only one restriction, the Jeremy Lin box is shipping to US subscribers only. We keep in mind that we do have international subscribers and keep items to ones that can be used across continents.

quarterly uk

It looks like you have around 30 available box curators at present, how often do you add new ones?

A majority of our curators are inbound. They discover Quarterly through a friend or fan and are interested in what we're doing and want to be a part of it. We keep our curator roster fresh by adding multiple curators every quarter.

What Quarterly boxes would you recommend to our UK audience?

That totally depends! Each of our boxes are catered towards very different audiences. If you're into beauty, we definitely recommend the Nina Garcia box. If you are interested in biohacking and elevating your performance, we suggest Tim Ferriss or Dave Asprey. If you love to discover new foods and cook, we recommend Andrew Zimmern.

Winter Essentials by NINA GARCIA

Winter Essentials by NINA GARCIA

Can you give us a peek into any new features, curators or updates that you are working on?

We are exploring a variety of ways to expand Quarterly, some exciting updates include creating themed subscriptions with different guest curators each quarter, potentially even international-based curators.

A big thank you to Alinn and the Quarterly Team for taking part in the interview. We really love the concept of Quarterly and think it will be a huge hit in the UK, especially as more familiar curators​ to the UK launch more boxes.

For more information visit the Quarterly Website​

We will be covering more on Quarterly soon with a box opening review and further news​ on the latest guest curators. 

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