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How to Start & Grow Your Subscription Box-Bemmu Sepponen


In this feature we are pleased to introduce Bemmu Sepponen to our Subscription Resources area to showcase his subscription box success story plus his new book, which aims to offer a guide to setting up your own subscription box business.

The Experiment

In 2011, Bemmu Sepponen decided to launch an online "business experiment" to test the concept of a subscription box business, by using his knowledge and love of Japanese culture to launch Candy Japan.

To help build a ready made community of potential customers, Bemmu took the courageous decision to blog openly right from the start about his experimental business, including profit, subscriber amounts, lessons learnt and the reasons for his decisions along the way.

​The bold decision to be completely transparent allowed his audience to connect to him and his business on a personal level, so when it was time to launch and test new products, Candy Japan had an army of loyal subscribers ready to purchase each month and provide ongoing feedback.

Learn from the Success of Candy Japan


Now with Candy Japan reaching well over 1000 subscribers, Bemmu is ready to share the full results from his experiments by publishing his findings in a new e-book titled "How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box - From 0 to 1000 Subscribers".​

The book, which is aimed at anyone interested in launching their own subscription business, provides real actionable advice, tips and tools to help you research your idea, setting up your website right through to getting your packaging made and handling your inventory.​

The book also provides refreshingly open insights into how much profit Candy Japan makes and how you can use specific tools to evaluate market demand and maximise your profits.​

To get a feel for the tone of this well written guide, here is an extract from the book which details the considerations for getting your box packaging made​ : 

Extract from "How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box by  Bemmu  Sepponen

Extract from "How to Start and Grow Your Subscription Box by Bemmu Sepponen


A big thank you to Bemmu for sharing this detailed information, we highly recommend the book as a great starting point to anyone researching their own subscription box business. Not only does it provide considerations and questions to help test your business idea but also provides practical tools and solutions to help you overcome these challenges.​


You can download the e-book now via gumroad for £20 ($25)​ 

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