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hayu Review – Reality TV Shows On-Demand

hayu has now launched in the UK offering a FREE 30 day trial for unlimited access to over 3000 episodes of popular reality TV shows including Keeping Up With The Kardashians, # RichKids of Beverly Hills and all series of Real Housewives plus hit UK shows such as Made in Chelsea and Don't Tell the Bride.

This hayu review takes a full look at the popular no-commitment service to see what you get for your £3.99 monthly subscription.


What is hayu?


It's the Netflix for reality TV, giving unlimited access to the latest episodes plus whole season box sets of tons of shows.

Thanks to being owned by  NBC Universal, one of the biggest perks for UK subscribers is being able to watch episodes on the same day as the US, which means no more waiting or spoiler-dodging.

​How can you watch hayu TV?

​You can watch on any browser or via the hayu app, which allows you to stream episodes to your tablet and mobile devices. You can also access hayu on your TV through devices such as ChromeCast, Apple AirPlay or some devices allow you to connect directly to your TV via HDMi.  If you have Virgin Media you can watch through your Tivo Box. 


The hayu App

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Share clips and snippets directly from the app

​As well as being a platform to watch all the best reality TV shows the app also features breaking celeb news stories and bonus features using clips, such as quizzes and montages of some of the funniest reality TV moments which can be shared on social media.

Subscribers can also comment on content in text or by using Emoji ratings.

The Playlist feature allows you to view collections of episodes based on popular tags, such as "bust-ups" or "Khloe Kardashian best bits". You can also view playlists based on the Emojis that other people have used to rate content, such as the shocked face or the laughing emoji.

What TV programmes can you watch on hayu?

There is a huge range, including international hits such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the Real Housewives series, as well as US hit series like Bad Girls Club and #RichKids of Beverly Hills, and UK shows including Made in Chelsea and Don't Tell the Bride. There are currently 3,000 reality TV show episodes available, with over 50 US based reality TV shows that have never aired in the UK allowing subscribers to discover new addictive shows. Check out the full list of available shows here.

Overall Summary

If you love reality TV then hayu makes life a lot easier by bringing everything together with loads of content in one app, saving you a whole bunch of time instead of sifting through catchup channels and social media for the latest episodes, gossip and stories.


The ability to watch episodes on the same day as the US was definitely one of the main reasons for signing up from most of the UK subscribers we recently spoke to. The ability to pause shows and pick them back up at that point later, plus the bonus features and extra content were positive factors in people continuing their subscription after the free trial had ended.

Not every popular reality TV show is on hayu, but they are adding new shows to their impressive collection every month. 

If you love reality TV, you will love hayu

Overall, hayu offers an attractive service for any reality TV fan looking for instant access to a large collection of reality TV gossip and bonus content. The app is fun, user-friendly and packed with useful features to access, organise and share content, such as the playlists and emoji tagging.

If you love reality TV then hayu is worth trying especially as the first month is free.

Sign up now for a free 30 day trial to test it out with no commitment.

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