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Over a 100 healthy snacks and treats tailored to your tastes delivered to your home or office.



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Graze delivers a nibble box containing 4 punnets of healthy snacks directly to your door or place of work as frequently as you wish.

Graze has become hugely successful in the office environment as a convenient way to avoid the standard biscuits and crips during the day

The snacks on offer include flapjacks, nuts, seeds, flapjacks, olives, yogurt toppers, dried meats, crisp bites, dried fruit plus there's still chocolate and cake slices for those looking to include a little bit of a treat.

Subscribers can easily tailor their snack boxes by an easy 1-click rating profile to ensure you get the types of snacks you like.

​Overall a highly professional level of quality and customer experience make Graze the snack delivery market leaders.

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David Toon

15 years as a Full-Stack IT developer and consultant, currently working with clients in education, digital marketing and online businesses. Founder of Subscription Radar and Toon Media. Passionate about working with online technology, startups and travel. Big fan of Tim Ferriss, The Lean Startup Model, SAAS and the Subscription Model.