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Five Four Club is the simple solution for men who want to look stylish without shopping around. Curated from your results from the Five Four Club style quiz, you’ll get a contemporary new look – tailored to your tastes and in your size – delivered straight to your door.

Whats in the box?

Each member has a tribe; mix, casual, forward or classic, split by vibrant or muted colour ways. Five Four Club is all about style made simple, so your fresh new threads mix well with your current wardrobe for easy dressing, day to night. Featuring unique brands as well as fashion forward pieces from Five Four Club, there’s something for every taste, style and aesthetic.

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How Much?

There’s no minimum subscription length – your Five Four Club membership costs $60 a month, plus $25 shipping to UK, which in total converts to approx £65 based on exchange rate at term of posting. Members of Five Four Club also get an exclusive 25% discount off the online shop.

One Hundred Acre Honey

Overall Summary

Five Four Club is a great way to save time searching for stylish clothes - with the added convenience of delivery direct to your door. 

The extra shipping charges to the UK and the current exchange rate with the dollar rank up the costs, however until a UK based clothing club hits the market Five Four Club offer a unique experience, which is highly regarded across its loyal subscriber base.

Use discount code ​TB50OFF to get 50% off your first order and test it out for yourself.

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