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Personal online styling for men discover great brands and clothes, making shopping a hassle-free experience.

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Enclothed is a premium online shopping service for men, take the short online survey and an Enclothed expert stylist will handpick you a range of outfits and deliver them to your door.

Once you receive your box​, try the outfits for size and simply return the items you don't want. You only pay for the items you keep, with your credit card charged when sending the box back.

Enclothed boxes contain high-end clothing and accessories from leading brands hand picked from leading stylists. On average each item costs around £100 per item, with approx 10 items in each box

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Overall Summary

​After turning down investment offers from the Dragons Den, Enclothed have grown into arguably the biggest UK's leading online men's clothing shopping service.

Enclothed founders Levi Young and Dana Zingher impressed the Dragons Den panel with their “hassle free” clothing subscription service for men.

According to feedback most subscribers keep around 60% of items therefore the total price of a typical box will cost approx £600.

Although not cheap the service is in effect free, with you only paying for the cost of the items that you would in the high street.  Enclothed report that 70% of subscribers continue with their subscription after the first month.

This repeat business plus the positive feedback across social media, shows that Enclothed are delivering a consistently high level of service. Men in the upper bracket are clearly happy to pay for the convenience and overall experience of having their own online stylist.


"Loved the treat/experience, I fully recommend it for people that don’t have time nor care to shop… It’s genuinely a great fun experience! Returning is as easy as returning on Amazon and my stylist Kelly turned me from hoodie to show pony!"


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