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A surprise grocery box containing 10-15 health conscious food and drink items to compliment your monthly shop.



per month

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Enjoy 10 to 15 surprise products every month, many are completely new to the market!


Degustabox have done a good job connecting with big grocery brands to include new product lines to allow customers to try  products before they hit the supermarkets.

This allows big brands to collect feedback and test the products, whilst you benefit from sampling them at a cheaper price than the RRP and before anyone else.

You are welcome to feedback your opinions but this isn't a requirement, you can simply enjoy receiving the box each month if you wish.

Overall Summary

Overall, the Degustabox contains a good variety of product lines which include snacks, sauces, crisps, cereals, juices and drinks. It won't replace your weekly shop but it provides a good range of healthier alternative yet tasty products that will cut down on the shopping bill whilst enjoying new products and flavours.

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David Toon

15 years as a Full-Stack IT developer and consultant, currently working with clients in education, digital marketing and online businesses. Founder of Subscription Radar and Toon Media. Passionate about working with online technology, startups and travel. Big fan of Tim Ferriss, The Lean Startup Model, SAAS and the Subscription Model.