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Everything you need to cook delicious recipes, delivered weekly.

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Cure and Simple

Receive the best cured bacon you'll ever likely to taste, conveniently delivered through your letterbox each week. Simple

Using quality pork from a specialist outdoor reared farm in Suffolk, Cure and Simple hand cure the meat with a range of fresh herbs and spices to create a range of intense flavours including : 

  • Old English
  • Pancetta
  • Bourbon
  • Thai
  • Mixture Box

Once you've selected your flavour, Cure and Simple will send you out 6-8 thick slices around 200g in a specially designed vacuum pack within a letterbox friendly box. If you have a dog, don't worry they even have a dog deterrent scent on the outside of the box to stop your pooch eating your bacon before you do.

Overall Summary

One of the reasons Subscription Boxes have become so popular is the ability for people to easily connect to independent producers like Cure and Simple, who take great care in every aspect of their business and production process.

Being a subscriber to Cure and Simple is more than just receiving quality bacon, it's knowing exactly where the bacon has come from, its tasting bacon how it should taste without water added and it's the convenience of having it all delivered to your door. 

From the Founders

Charlie PyperCure and Simple Founder

We love our bacon traditionally cured and flavoured with our bespoke recipes. Our all natural cures are blended by hand and rubbed generously into our delicious pork. We then leave the mix to do its work for at least a week before air drying; the results are an unmistakable intense flavour.

With all that effort that goes into producing outstanding bacon, it would be churlish for us to waste this on inferior pork. We use superbly flavoured, welfare friendly Suffolk pork from Dingley Dell Farm.

All of the ingredients in our cures are of the highest quality, we search high and low for herbs and spices that complement our recipes and makes our bacon so very tasty.

We make all of our bacon on site at the Cure and Simple HQ, a former tractor shed that has been converted into a state of the art production facility.

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