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Hand picked craft beers from London's most exciting new craft beer microbreweries

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Receive 12 of the most talked about craft beers from the capital every month. 


Whats in the box?

Each Craft Metropolis delivery box contains 12 craft beers.

Select a handpicked selection from the experts at Craft Metropolis or take control and pick out your favourites from the growing collection of over 120 fine ales on the Craft Metropolis website.


How Much?

£34.50 for the regular handpicked box or £36 to pick out your own. 

Overall Summary

London is arguably at the heart of the UK's thriving craft beer scene, with new ales hitting the streets every month. Keeping track and most importantly getting your hands on these small batch gems is an arduous task, particularly if your not based in the big smoke.

Founder Oliver does ​a fantastic job of handpicking a balanced box full of different styles of ales from London's most popular to some of the new and exciting ales brand new on the market.

Craft Metropolis Founder - Oliver

Craft Metropolis Founder - Oliver

By focusing on the London craft beer scene, Oliver has been able to use his local contacts and expert knowledge to create a dynamic service that continues to evolve as news beers come up on his radar.

You may also find the occasional beer from outside the London boundary, as Oliver journeys across the country adding rare treats to his growing range.

Overall, signing upto Craft Metropolis is a great way to discover the very best London has to offer without all the hassle of shopping around.


Use the above code to claim 4 free beers in your first Craft Metropolis box.

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