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A monthly chocolate & coffee treat. The finest artisan coffee and chocolate every month.

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if terrys did rooibos

Every month the team at the Cocoa & Roast Club source the finest artisan coffee and match it with niche, luxury chocolate from exclusive UK chocolatiers and independent coffee micro-roasters then ship it out to subscribers in a presentation box.

Overall Summary

Cocoa Roast have taken the winning combination of fine coffee and chocolate and taken it to another level by sourcing truly exceptional quality products and delivering it direct to your door.

In  terms of value the chocolate alone would cost your £14.95 , then the coffee from £8.50, totaling £23.45 worth of items for the £19.99 you pay.

The real value though is in the service, which picks and matches the coffee and chocolate for you, allowing you to connect and taste exciting new flavours from independent suppliers without the hassle of hunting them down yourself.

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