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Cocoa Roast Coffee Quiz

By David Toon / 20th October 2017

In this post we're pleased to bring you news of how you can bag yourself a freebie from our friends over at Cocoa & Roast Club by taking a short quiz to test your coffee knowledge.

​The Cocoa Roast Club is a subscription service delivering fresh, small batch roasted coffee and luxurious, artisan chocolate, all wrapped up in a delightful package and delivered to your door every month. We've featured Cocoa Roast a number of times including our review here and Paul the founder has shared his journey of launching Cocoa Roast here.

A message from Paul - Founder of Cocoa & Roast

Coffee is everywhere you turn…you can grab one in a high street coffee shop, in a restaurant, in a café, you can even pick one up in a petrol station. You can go for a cheeky takeaway coffee, or sit down and wait for your carefully weighed and brewed labour of love to be delivered to your table. However one thing that has to be guaranteed is that it tastes good.

Think you know your coffee?

But, do you know what sets apart a bad coffee from an ok coffee? And an ok coffee from an excellent one? If you think you know your stuff when it comes to coffee then take The Cocoa Roast Club’s 2 minute “Coffee Master” quiz, and win yourself a prize.

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