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A monthly selection box of handcrafted cured meat from Britain’s best artisans charcuteries.

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Each month Carnivore Club partner up with a different UK artisan supplier to put together a selection of fine cured meats delivered direct to your door.

Past boxes have included Wild Venison Chorizo and Salami's from the award winning Great Glen Charcuterie in Scotland. Wild Boar Salami and Cigars from The Real Boar Company and Sliced Coppa and Pancetta from the prestigious Deli Farm Charcuterie from Bodmin Moor.


Overall Summary

Because the meats are all cured they have an average shelf life of between 1-3 months, so you can take your time and enjoy the meats through the month. You receive a good quantity and selection which includes 4-6 different meats in each box.


Each box comes with a menu card which details each meat with tasting notes plus information from the suppliers, which all adds to the experience by allowing you to connect directly with the suppliers. 

Overall, if you enjoy cured meats then Carnivore Club will take you on a monthly journey discovering flavours from some of the finest producers this country has to offer plus benefit from the convenience of having it all arranged and delivered for you. 

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