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Carnivore Club UK Review


Monthly members of Carnivore Club receive a selection of the finest cured meats sent directly from the UK's most prestigious artisan producers.

In this Carnivore Club UK Review, we open up the box to check out the value, quality and overall experience of the Carnivore Club Membership.

What is Carnivore Club?


Each month Carnivore Club partner up with a different UK artisan producer. Each producer is carefully selected based on the quality, values and passion in creating the finest cured meats.

The box we received was delivered directly from Great Glen Charcuterie, a 10 year family run business set deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands.

What are cured meats?

​Meat Curing is an ancient old method of preserving meats through a series of salting, hanging and drying techniques. The meats from Great Glen Charcuterie are all produced by hand then air dried to ensure the wild venison maintains its unique and unrivalled flavour.

​What's in the Carnivore Club Box?

great glen cured meats

​The box we recieved in May 2015 contained a tasting and producer information card with 5 seperate meats as follows :


Wild Venison Bresaola - 55g

RRP : £8.95

Bresaola is made with the “round,” or rear leg cut. It’s then dry cured, oak smoked, and matured for 8 months. You’ll notice clean flavours imparted by this particular style of curing. Venison Bresaola is delicious with a simple rocket salad and parmesan cheese.


Wild Venison Chorizo - 75g

RRP : £4.39

This is the latest addition to the Great Glen range. They mixed Scottish wild venison with the best Scottish pork to produce this delicious chorizo.

The addition of pork gives this a fattier texture that lends better to cooking than an all-chorizo option.


Wild Venison & Pork Salami - 90g

RRP : £4.69

Great Glen Charcuterie throws in a curve ball with this venison pork salami. Like the chorizo, the addition of pork adds a bit of creamyness.

The pork promotes the venison, flavour resulting in a robust sausage.​

Chilli Wild Venison Chorizo - 75g

​RRP : £4.39

Venison’s naturally low-fat and lean, so you’ll notice this chorizo is light on marbling. Still, this chorizo packs a bit of kick with added chilis, and the customary smoked paprika.

This pairs particularly well with rich cheeses and beers.

Wild Venison Salami - 90g

RRP : £5.49

This salami is gently spiced with added green peppercorns, giving it the perfect balance of spice as the peppercorns cut through the richness of the meat.

It was awarded three Gold Stars and Best Charcuterie product of the UK at the Great Taste Awards in 2013

Carnivore Club Unboxing Video

Shelf Life and Storage

​As the meat boxes change each month, the shelf life can vary but on average each box has a shelf life of 1-3 months. Because the meats are cured and packaged in high quality sealed packaging they can be stored at room temperature for at least a month, but the guidance in the tasting card advises to get them in the fridge to ensure maximum freshness and shelf life.

​Pricing and Value

The monthly subscription to Carnivore Club costs £29 per month with an initial minimum of 3 months​ lock in period. After the 3 months you are free to cancel the subscription at any time.


There is the ability to login into your account on the website and change the frequency of your box from monthly to bi-monthly or quarterly. There is also the option to buy a one-off box to try or give as a gift for £32.

The cost to buy direct from Great Glen with delivery ​is just under £33, showing Carnivore Club is good value plus you also benefit from the variety of sampling different suppliers each month without the hassle of individually shopping directly.

The transparency of showcasing the producers from Carnivore Club shows that they support the producers and allows you to simply buy any of your favourite meats direct after you have tried them.

Overall Verdict

If you regularly enjoy cured meats from the supermarket deli counter then the cured meats from Carnivore Club will take you to another level. The meats we tasted from Great Glen Charcuterie simply melt in the mouth with rich intense flavour.

The quality of the packaging and presentation is superb, along with the back story card about the producers, all together brings total confidence that you are receiving quality produce from people who are really passionate about hand crafting the best cured meats.

More Info​

For more information visit , the links are not affiliate links, so if you enjoyed the review and end up signing up to join Carnivore Club, feel free to put as the referer so the team here can get the odd free box to keep us going.

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