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Bright Paper Packages Review

Bright Paper Packages is a unique monthly UK subscription box full of gorgeous gift wrapped surprise treats to enjoy, share and brighten your day.

What is Bright Paper Packages?

​After a tough day at work, a pounding headache and ladders in both tights, Bright Paper Packages founder, Helena arrived home to find a friend had lovingly created her a surprise box full of her favorite things as little pick me up. This kind gesture was so powerful it inspired Helena to launch her own subscription box business so more people could benefit from this simple yet hugely positive experience.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, I thought, to have that experience of the wonderful, surprise parcel again but also to create the same thing for others. And thus, Bright Paper Packages was born.

Founder, Bright Paper Packages

Bright Paper Packages is different to most subscription boxes, which often focus on one type of product such as just chocolate or beauty products, Helena has created Bright Paper Packages with the aim to offer an assortment of different items from gold-leaf and clay earrings one month to rare, loose leaf tea another. Giving you a completely different surprise experience each month.

What's in the Box?

Each month is based around a theme with items related to the theme carefully selected from passionate small UK independent artists, designers and artisan producers.

The theme for December was "Celebrate and Sparkle", perfect party essentials for the festive season to share with friends and family including :

- Hand-made origami straws from Paper Parade
- Hand-made real gold leaf & polymer clay earrings from Claudia Made This
- Hand-made ceramic & gold lustre bauble from Jo Heckett Ceramics
- Natural lollipops in cherry, amaretto & spiced gingerbread flavours from Holly's Lollies
- A star biscuit cutter and old family recipe for the best Christmas spiced biscuits

How Much?

£20 per month, save £1, £1.50 or £2 per box by paying upfront for 3, 6 or 12 months. Use code SR15 to get a 15% discount off your first box.

​Overall Summary

​Helena has put a lot of hard work into ensuring each box brings you the same magic she experienced when receiving her friends kind gift. This really shines through from the moment your carefully pull away the exquisite gift wrap to reveal the fantastic range of gifts and treats. Each item has been thoughtfully selected for your enjoyment and individually gift wrapped with love and attention.

Each item is also accompanied with the creators contact details, allowing you to explore and connect with people behind your gifts. The box is full of nice touches such as the glitter stars, hand written notes and spiced biscuit recipe, which all add to this great surprise gift box experience and comes highly recommended.

Bright Paper Packages Discount Code​

Use code : SR15 to receive 15% off your first box​

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