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Effortlessly freshen up your underwear drawer. The exclusive curated gents underwear club.

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The smartest & easiest way to get hold of hand picked, luxury underwear. Briefd is a club for underwear supremos who are sick and tired of stocking up their underwear drawer the old fashioned way.

Buying underwear is often an after thought, left to rely on partners or the odd pre-holiday trip to treat yourself to some new undies. To help keep things fresh and comfortable, Briefd have launched their hugely popular underwear delivery service.

Select your size, cut, style and then choose between the base plan (£17.99) for Diesal, Pringle and Frank Daddy style briefs or Premium (£23.99) for Calvins, Boss, and Bjorn Borg.

Briefd will then deliver you out a high-end designer pair of top quality briefs every month or until your fully stocked. Then simply pause or cancel the flexible no-commitment subscription.

Overall Summary

Apparently 60% of women are un-impressed with the state of their partner's underpants with the average man keeping hold of pants for upto 10 years!  

Signing up to Briefd will soon have you back on track with their premium yet highly attractive service to keep your drawer fresh with quality briefs. 

In terms of value, you could pick the types of underwear up yourself slightly cheaper, however the service is really aimed at men that never go underwear shopping but would still like to be pulling on a better selection of briefs every morning.

Overall, if you have the expendable income, then Briefd's luxury service is an enjoyable experience that offers a smarter way to re-stock your tired underwear collection.

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