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Best Netflix Alternative UK

Best Netflix Alternatives UK

Netflix alternatives for uk movie streaming

​If you have exhausted the Netflix library or just looking for a different movie streaming service then there are a number of Netflix alternatives to choose from.

Below is a collection of the main alternatives, a selection of niche netflix alternatives and also a list of non-subscription movie streaming alternatives.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Price : £79 per year for the full Amazon Prime which includes the unlimited video streaming plus extra benefits and discounts on Amazons other services such as free delivery on Amazon products, free kindle books and free cloud storage for photos.


Amazon Prime have really stepped up their game in 2016​ to be considered the main rival UK alternative to Netflix. Securing blockbuster series such as Walking Dead and creating Amazon Exclusive content such as signing up Jeremy Clarkson and his team for a Top Gear spin off series has all been a key factor. Giving its's subscribers exclusive discounts to the Amazon Online Store and Amazon Prime Day has also proven great value, which has seen a rapid rise in Amazon Prime's popularity.


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Overall Summary of Amazon Prime

If you're a regular customer on the Amazon store then signing up for the full yearly Prime service has the potential to save you a lot of money on delivery charges. Depending on how much you normally pay for shipped goods across the year this saving could in effect be giving you a free movie subscription, plus the cloud storage and free kindle books make this an attractive bundle if you are happy to pay upfront for the year. The 30-day free trial is well worth testing the water, just remember to cancel if you don't want to continue before the trial ends to ensure you don't get charged

Now TV

NOW TV Price : ​£9.99 per month for the Movie Pass


​Powered by Sky with a simple and flexible streaming service, NOW TV, offers a slightly different model to its rivals. In addition to movies NOW TV also offer access to a range of LIVE Sky Channels including Sky 1, MTV and Sky Sports.

The service is essentially a no contract pay monthly Sky TV service that allows you to chop and change the packages you want.

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​Quick Summary of NOW TV

​A good flexible option for those wanting the occasional benefits and channels from Sky without the commitment of a yearly contract. Premium shows and content is available sooner on NOW TV with Sky's muscle and links to HBO. Try it out FREE for 30 days.


hayu TV Price : £3.99 per month

If its Reality TV your looking for then hayu offer a dedicated streaming subscription to over 3,000 episodes across 100's of reality TV shows from the US and UK, including Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Made in Chelsea.


The biggest selling point for hayu is that UK subscribers get to watch episodes on the same day as the US audiences, so no more spoilers and waiting 7 days for your favourite shows. 

get social

Share clips and snippets directly from the app

The hayu App is also impressive with lots of in-built features to help you find the best bits with emoji tagging, social share and latest gossip from the shows. This adds a level of community around the content and the ability to easily connect to the stars social profiles makes it easier then flipping between apps to share your reactions to the latest episodes.

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Quick Summary of hayu

Overall if you love Reality TV then a subscription to hayu will save you time as all the content you will ever need is all in one app, no need to work you way through different catchup channels and social media, just launch the app and join the social reactions as your binge watch through hours of entertainment.

hayu is priced at £3.99 with the option to cancel at anytime. Click here to get your first month free to try it out.

Niche Alternative​s to Netflix

The following is a collection of niche and alternative UK movie streaming sites that you may not have heard of : ​


indieflix netflix alternative

IndieFlix brings home the Film Festival. On this streaming service you can watch award-winning independent movies, shorts, documentaries and web series from around the world. IndieFlix actively supports independent film makers by paying royalties based on minutes viewed by users.

It is great for more obscure films that wouldn't necessarily be available on some of the other major streaming services. Almost all of the content is available to watch in the UK and with a very competitive subscription model at just £3.25 per month.

Picture Box

Picture Box has a slightly different type of subscription offering in that there is a panel of film lovers who hand pick a shortlist of films every month to help with choosing what to watch. It is one of the cheapest streaming services with a decent library of both mainstream and more niche films.

Picture Box change the selection on a weekly basis by removing the oldest 8 or 9 films and adding new ones. The films stay on for about 8 weeks which gives subscribers a good amount of time to go through everything they want to watch, plus the regular refresh means there is always a great selection of new content chosen for you. Price : £4.99 per month.



Mubi is a bit of a cross between IndieFlix, Picturebox, and Netflix.

It has a curated playlist consisting mainly of cult, classic, and indie movies, but there are some mainstream movies too.

Content is available in most countries but some films are restricted due to rights. There is also a social element in that they host a forum where movie lovers can discuss films.

Each day the MUBI movie experts add in a new film and subscribers have 30 days to watch it before it is exchanged for a new one. Price : £4.99 per month.



Spuul is unique in that it provides a huge range of Hindi Bollywood films and TV serials which can be streamed online or download.

It is available to all users worldwide and compatible with most devices. There is a free library which can also be synched offline, however there will be adverts.

The larger library and premium advert free content can be paid for either by title at 65p or by monthly subscription priced at £3.25 per month.

Crunchy Roll

Crunchyroll is perfect for anime and mange lovers. This streaming service offers thousands of episodes and films of Japanese and Asian content as well as being available in several languages.

It has most of the Japanese anime classics and lots of new content regularly updated. Like Spuul you can watch content free or sign up to the premium membership for a £4.99  monthly subscription.

No Subscription Netflix Alternatives

The following are pay as you go style movie streaming services that don't require a monthly subscription. A good alternative if you only wish to watch the odd blockbuster film or TV show without committing to a full month of unlimited movies. 



One of the most established rental services and with one of the largest libraries of content at competitive prices, iTunes is one of the best movie streaming services available in the UK. Although compatible on PC, it is better for users who already have Apple devices.

Content can be bought and downloaded to watch offline or streamed online. Most of the movie and TV shows come in standard and HD options depending on the price. It is great for building up libraries and storing purchases on iCloud.

iTunes may not be the best streaming service for Android heavy users. However, it is ideal for those who want to buy or rent movies and TV shows if they already have Apply products to watch them on.

Google Play

google play movie streaming site uk

​Similar to iTunes but with a smaller library, Google Play is perfect for Android devices and works well on an iPhone or iPad because of the new app which is free from iTunes. The occasional deal and handy Chromecast/Android integration makes Google Play a service worth signing up for.

Moreover, it works well on IOS so you can access content across multiple devices. Google Play is good for anyone on any device. Although the library isn’t yet extremely vast it will grow given that it is still relatively new to the movie and TV streaming service.


wuakiTV movie and film streaming

Having taken over from, Wuaki TV is a Spanish video-streaming provider which is making headway in the UK. It initially offered both a streaming subscription and a rental one off purchase option, however, now it mainly focuses on the movie rental streaming and purchases.

There is a solid selection of new releases and some of the most popular series available at reasonable prices. There are also occasional sales and special offers but content can only be streamed for a limited time and can’t be downloaded. Under the recent launch of the EE Film Club which is the new Orange Wednesdays, those on EE, Orange and T-Mobile, will be able to text “film” to 141 and receive a promotional code which lets them watch content on Wuaki TV for £1 between Mondays and Wednesdays.

Wuaki.TV does have some key advantages for the occasional movie and series watcher and those on EE networks. More for the kind of person who wants to watch the latest shows or movies rather than binge watch loads of old series.

UK CinemaNow

uk cinema now movie streaming

Originally called Knowhow Movies, CinemaNow started in the US and has now become available for UK audiences. It follows a similar buy or rent streaming service like Wuaki.Tv and there is no subscription option, you only pay for what you want to see.

One key advantage is that CinemaNow is powered by Rovi Technologies which can significantly improve the viewing quality both in terms of image definition and sound.

It is compatible on most devices and available as an app but not yet on PS4. Although it is slightly more expensive than some of its rivals, UKCinemaNow is great for viewers who really want to recreate the cinema experience with full HD streaming and 5.1 surround sound.



​Part of Talk Talk. Blinkbox offers a subscription and pay as you go streaming service for movies or TV. It includes most of the popular series and can be used across a range of different devices on the go.

You need to be in the UK to purchase, stream and download content, although you can watch downloaded content when you're abroad. With Blinkbox you can rent and start playing within 30 days and finish watching in 48 hours on up to 2 devices, alternatively you can buy and own forever. Although the library is not as enormous as other streaming services, Blinkbox has some of latest movies and series available without having to subscribe.

All in all Blinkbox is for the lighter user of streaming services. For people who prefer to not be tied into a contract and who want to easily rent or buy one offs as well as catch up on some of the latest and best selling shows and movies.

Have we missed any out?

There seems to be new movie streaming services popping up all the time, so please let us know of any of your favourites in the comments and we'll include them in this feature. We will also try and keep this feature updated with any changes but feel free to share any of your experiences and updates.

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