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Best Geek Subscription Boxes UK

Fellow geeks across the the UK are now able to connect with their favourite games, books, characters and films without all the leg work thanks to a range of companies offering specially curated items delivered monthly through a geek box subscription. In this feature we list and review the best geek subscription boxes currently available in the UK and pick apart the differences, features and options.

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1.Loot Crate


Loot Crate is one of the founding geek subscription boxes and arguably the most recognised player on the market. Founded in 2012 by a group of self confessed geeks and gamers, they curated their first Crates of Geek Loot based on their love of big geek events such as PAX and ComicCon. Now Loot Crate boasts over 600,000 active subscribers or Looters as they are called.

Price & Options


£24 includes UK delivery​. As with many of the geek subscription boxes, there are options to get a cheaper box by paying upfront for a recurring 3, 6 or even 12 month subscription, which also gives you a free bonus gift and works out £3 cheaper per box. Always best to try it for a couple of months before committing to these upfront bulk month packages.

The success of LootCrate has resulted in them launching a range of additional niche boxes including a Manga/Anime Crate, PetCrate, FireFly Cargo Crate and soon to be released LootGaming. Plus there are a range of one-off limited crates such as the Star Wars and Call of Duty Crates.

Overall Summary

Loot Crate does offer good value​, the majority of boxes are easily worth over £40 if you were to purchase the items separately. Loot Crate also have exclusive relationships with some of the top geek focused brands, so you can be the envy of your friends with limited edition items that are difficult to buy on the high street.

Use code : RADARLOOT for a 10% Discount​

For more info check out our full in-depth Loot Crate Review

Update : Although US based Loot Crate are the market leader, due to drop in value of the pound against the dollar, it's a good time to check out the value in some of the UK's top geek boxes, starting with our top pick Super Loot : 

2.Super Loot

Based in the UK, the guys at Super Loot will ship you a monthly geek box full of goodies for just £19.99 per month. They discount your first box to £16.99 but use our cheeky code RADARSUPER and grab your first box for just £14.99. 

super loot geek stranger things

Super Loot Stranger Things Inspired Box with over £40 in RRP value.

Price & Options

£19.99 per month including UK delivery. Discounted boxes when your sign up for a 3 or 6 month recurring subscription brings the monthly price down to £17.99 and £16.99 respectively. 

Overall Summary

We've pushed Super Loot up the rankings to #2 slot, making it the #1 geek box in the UK simply due to a wave of positive reviews since new owners took over the service. It seems the new owners have worked hard at securing better quality merchandise from suppliers and this shows in the most recent boxes.


A Pop! Funko Viynl in Every Superloot Mystery Box

One huge improvement is the new monthly themes and a new release Pop! Funko figure back into the boxes.  Worth £9.99 on their own, is a clear sign that Superloot are packing much more value in their boxes.  

Our calculation had their recent Stranger Things Box at over £40 of RRP value, which isn't bad for the £19.99 you pay.​

They've also added a Super Loot Candy Box to their range , packed full of american style candy and treats and a dedicated Comic Book box, both for £19.99.

Super Loot are also looking to engage more with customers via blogging updates and social media activity. Well worth trying out for just £14.99 on your first box.

Use code : RADARSUPER for 25% Off Your First Box

3.My Geek Box

​If your looking for a slightly cheaper geek box alternative to Loot Crate then My Geek Box offers great value at £17.99 per month. Includes 6-8 items including a t-shirt and a great assortment of geeky merchandise.


Price & Options

£17.99 per month but use the code RADAR10 to get 10% off your first box.  There is also a kids version of the box for £16.99, which ensures that the items are appropriately age related. 

Overall Summary

The My Geek Box offers good value with the RRP of the items worth over £40. They have upgraded the types of items they used to ship in the early days, so now boast high quality items plus more exclusive items that rival any other geek box on the market.

​Read our full My Geek Box Review

Use the code : RADAR10 for 10% Discount on ​the My Geek Box Store

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4. ZBox by Zavvi

Zavvi the huge entertainment chain, previously Virgin Megastores, have their own ZBox to join the geek box market and guarantee to send you over £35 worth of exclusive and licensed geeky merchandise including a t-shirt.

zbox geek subscription

Price & Options

​£19.99 with free delivery on all UK orders plus you can save a bit if you commit to a longer subscription. Each month customers are automatically entered into winning the £1000 Mega ZBox.

Overall Summary​

Zavvi have the benefit of strong ties to licensed suppliers, so expect lots of genuine DC, Marvel, Star Wars goodness. The boxes are well themed to keep things fresh with great art work, past themes have included Time Travel, Heroes & Villians, Ghost & Ghouls full of genuine Ghostbuster goodies.

Use discount code RADAR10 for 10% off at ZBOX

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5. Pop in a Box

pop_in_a_box for geeks

Pop-in-a-Box send you out a surprise collectable vinyl pop character each month and guarantee to never send out one from your collection by using your online POP Tracker profile, which allows you to keep track of your collection and showcase it to friends and fellow collectors.

Price and Options

Prices start from £8.49 per month for 1 Pop Character with £3.50 delivery. You can get better value by adding more Pop Characters in your monthly box, eg 2 x Pops for £16.88, 3 x Pops for £25.17, right upto 12 Pops for £99 for those with a serious addiction and money to burn!

Overall Summary

For those who love these cool little Pop characters inspired from favourite film, comics and TV shows, then this is a great way to build your collection. The price is about the same as you would pay in the shops, but Pop-in-a-Box does have access to rare and exclusive characters that are not available on the high street.​

Enjoy the excitement of seeing which one you get each month with the convenience of home delivery. The online POP Tracker is also a great feature which allows you to dismiss any characters you do not want, whilst allowing you to share and monitor your collection with friends.

​US Based Geek Boxes

The following are a selection of US based geek boxes that ship to the UK. These are more expensive then the UK based geek boxes simply due to the shipping costs but the items are often pretty exclusive and not always available in the UK. Expect to wait 2-3 weeks for your box from the US, so be aware of this if you buy a one-off box as a gift.



​The geek box focusing on autographs, limited edition and collectible items. BamBox have been receiving great reviews online from geek collectors.

The team at BamBox use their experience from the industry to find the best geeky art, autographs, comics and collectibles then ship them in a well presented box and booklet with in-depth background info on each item.

Price and Options :

BamBox is £40 shipped to the UK , making it one of the most expensive boxes on the market for UK customers.  however this is a premium box for serious collectors.

The items are all hard to find collectibles in the US,  allowing UK customers an opportunity to receive highly desirable signed and exclusive collectibles from some of the biggest cult US TV and movie franchises.

Find out more at :

7.Geek Fuel


US based Geek Fuel ​ship a monthly box of geeky goodness including a T-Shirt, Steam Game Download Codes, Limited Edition Comic Books, geek themed mugs, sweets and collectable figures.

Although based in the US, Geek Fuel can ship to the UK and still offer good value on their geek fuelled box of goodies.

Price and Options :

$29.90 per month, which currently converts to £19.20 per month.

There are options to commit to longer periods for a discount, such as the popular 6 month pay upfront subscription. This reduces the monthly payment by £2 and also gives you a free mystery item each month.

Overall Sumary


Geek Fuel offers good value compared to the RRP price of the individual items. The Steam code alone is worth £20 , which gave us a full download to the beta of Kingdom Wars 2.

The T-Shirts are exclusive to Geek Fuel so the retail value is unavailable, but a modest price would be around £15, then add together the themed mug (£5), collectible Scribblenauts Character (£9) and the candy (£2) all totals to around £50, which is great value on the £19.20 delivered price you pay.

If your interested in signing up then use this link : to get a free extra bonus item when you sign up.

8.Hero Box from SuperHeroStuff

superherobox for geeks

The Hero Box is not a subscription but a simple one-off box purchase. Each box is themed around your favourite Super Hero, which you can select when purchasing. This makes the Hero Box a perfect option for a one-off geek gift as every item inside the box will be based around this chosen character.

The available Super Heros currently include Superman, Batman, Captain America, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Flash and for the girls there's Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, plus more random themes introduced throughout the year.



The Hero Box is £39 which includes delivery to the UK.​

​Overall Summary

The total retail price of all the items when bought seperatly comes to over $70 (£45) so the value is OK but not as good as the UK based geek boxes and the Geek Fuel Box. The quality of the items is good and the key benefit of this box is the ability to completly set the theme to a specific super hero, this pretty much gurantees that there will be no unwanted items.

In addition to the Hero Box the site at as pretty much everything you can imagine related to Super Heros, so take advantage of your delivery charge to the UK and stock up for all the geeks in your life.

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  • godiva

    Wow a number of these services are amazing, a new one i just discovered is they deliver actual full sized artworks from independent artists framed in 2 different sizes.

    I am subscribed to them aswell as lootcrate and have received some art which i have hanging up on my wall!

    I love subscriptions.

    • David Toon

      Hey Godiva thanks for getting involved, DimRaj looks cool, we are looking at running a feature on Art based subscription boxes in the UK, so we will be sure to look into these in more detail soon.

    • subscription_radar

      Hey Godiva thanks for getting involved, DimRaj looks cool, we are looking at running a feature on Art based subscription boxes in the UK, so we will be sure to look into these in more detail soon.

  • jordan

    Hello Lee, we just start our new comic subscription box service
    I will be happy to send you a box for a review. Contact me if you are interested.

  • Fleisch

    “Nerd Block are one of the most popular geek boxes in the US and the low cost of around £23 (£13.40 plus £9 shipping) make it an affordable option to get one sent over to the UK.”

    Based on new conversion rates, it costs $19.99 (£16.01) and then $12.50 (£10.01) to get it shipped so £26.02. You will also get charged a fee by most banks of a further £1.50 as it is a foreign currency purchase so you’ll be paying £27.52.