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Best Game Rental Subscription

This feature takes a look at some of the best gaming rental subscriptions available in the UK and lists how they compare for value and service.

What is a gaming rental subscription?

A new wave of pc and console game subscription services are growing in popularity as savvy gamers look for better value and convenience to play the latest games delivered to them direct.

How do game subscriptions work?

​Pay a monthly fee and receive the physical disc for games on your wish list delivered to your door. When your done , simply return the game in the provided envelope and P&P to receive the next game on your wish list. Different packages and prices allow you to have 1 or multiple games at any one time.

Why are gaming subscriptions becoming more popular in the UK?

Online streaming killed dvd and with it game rentals from the likes of Blockbuster. Game streaming is starting to take ground, however internet connections in the UK are still not fast enough to stream the latest next gen console titles, so it may be some time until we see an online game streaming subscription service that includes the big blockbuster games.

TitanFall2 RRP £45 now available to rent from Paramount Games and Boomerang

​Games rental may still be available if your lucky enough to live close to an independent film and game shop but these are dwindling and still involve having to physically go into the store to see whats available, what a chore!

Buying the latest blockbuster games costs the best part of £50 these days. Many hardcore gamers, rinse through a game to quickly trade in to buy the next game on their list, however they still often loose £15-20 on the original price depending on how quickly they trade in.

Good value - Lets do the maths

​Let's say across the year you buy 4-5 blockbuster games and say 5 small indie games, that's nearly £300 a year on games. Then lets say your quick enough and manage to re-coup £100 that's still £200 on gaming, a gaming subscription would cost you around £120 for the year, plus give you unlimited games.

That's great value and could make you a good saving if you already spending a decent amount of money on games.

Who offers the best game streaming rental service?

As a result, a number of dedicated games rental services have been growing in popularity. Here's a pick of some of the best  : 

1.Paramount Gaming

Offering the cheapest games rental subscription in the UK, Paramount Games offer a starting package of just ​£3.95 for the solver package, which gets a 1 standard PC/Console game every month.

The popular package is the Next-Gen 1 package is priced at £13.50 to have 2 blockbuster next gen games at any one time with unlimited swaps.

There are also options to mix and match different game types and platforms such as handheld games.

Each game is delivered registered first class  in a letterbox friendly slimline case, which contains the game disc and a postage paid return envelope​ for you to send it back when your ready.

A delivery from Paramount Games

Overall Summary

Although the website and registration isn't as straight forward as it could be, once your a member they really look after you as a subscriber.

Being  huge gamer fans themselves, they work tirelessly to ensure you receive the top games on your wishlist. In some case due to availability this may not be the case, so you may receive the second or third on your list, but they are open and transparent and will make you a priority for next delivery.

In addition, to keep you fueled during marathon gaming sessions, they have released the Clutch Box for £6. You get a box packed full of american and retro candy, drinks and snacks to keep your energy levels at optimum gaming sharpness.

Paramount Games offer an attractive price for their games rental service. The website and team behind the service give off a real indie underground feel that make you feel connected into real gaming community. The discs are sent out in protective packaging that easily drops through your letterbox. 

Overall,  a gaming rental service for gamers by gamers that offers the cheapest rental price in the UK. Their slogan of Play More Save More, highlights the savings that can be made by playing more games, sounds like a plan to us!

Paramount are now offering a free 14 day trial and will ship you out your first game the next working day.

​For more info check them out at  :

2. Boomerang Games

A slightly more expensive yet more polished service, Boomerang are possibly the largest games rental service in the UK. With packages starting from £3.99 for 1 non-major title game per month, right upto the popular Priority 2 package which provides 2 next-gen titles at any one time with unlimited swaps for £15.99

​One of the main perks for Boomerang subscribers is the ability to pick up PayBack Points to use to unlock bonus games and add-ons. These points can be earned like a loyalty scheme, with points being added to your account throughout the year.

Overall Summary

Easy registration,  a fully professional website, online chat support and access to a larger library of titles make Boomerang ​the UK's leading games rental service.

If your prefer the more corporate and professional service instead of the gamer community feel then Boomerang are your best option.

Boomerang are also now offering a ​free trial for the first 3 rentals

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