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Exclusively for men, an outfit delivered each month handpicked by your online stylist.

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Aimed at men who enjoy wearing great clothes but don't have the time to shop, Berg Club is an online men's clothing club experience matching subscribers styles, sizes and preferences with outfits handpicked from some of the best clothing brands across Europe.

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After submitting your initial style preferences, sizes and tastes, your appointed online Berg Club stylist will handpick you a full outfit, delivered to your door in a well presented gift crate.

The flexible subscription allows you to send any or all of the items back for replacement if your not happy, plus allows you to pause, upgrade or cancel at anytime with no commitment.

Your online stylist is available to collect any special requests throughout the month, allowing you to further customise your outfits to suit a particular occasion or preference.

Overall Summary

There's a number of plans and options to choose from starting at £49 for the Essentials package, which provides 1-2 clothing items and accessories right upto the Refined Gent package for £249 for 5 or more high end luxury clothing items.

The most popular is the Exclusive package for £79, which provides a full outfit of at least 2 clothing items plus a collection of accessories.

Once for the privileged few, the concept of having your own stylist picking out outfits and delivering them to your door is now much more affordable and accessible thanks to online services such as Berg Club.

Although still aimed at aspiring gents with a chunk of expendable income, at a starting price of just £49 the experience is now in grasp for those men aiming to look sharp without the burden of shopping.

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