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The worlds fastest growing craft beer community delivers a monthly selection of 8 beers.

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A themed monthly box of 8 craft beers, a Beer52 magazine plus bonus items including snacks, beer mats and glasses.

Inspired by an epic bike trip across Europe, founder, James Brown came back to the UK with a mission to create a service that would connect craft beer lovers with the types of independent breweries he had came across on his journey into a monthly subscription experience.

Each month is centred around a particular theme or region, for example the September 2016 box includes a range of craft beers from Colorado allowing you to sample new and exciting beers from that area.

Overall Summary

A great experience for those who enjoy discovering any style of craft beer from around the world . The included Ferment magazine offers great back stories on all the beers featured in your monthly box, allowing you to find out more about the micro-breweries and the people behind the beers.

Overall, Beer52 have grown into one of the world's most popular beer subscriptions thanks to their excellent customer experience, community engagement and the ability to ship out some of the most exciting new craft beers to their rapidly growing subscriber base. 

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