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A different beautiful book, delivered straight to your letter box every month.

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Whilst many people choose e-books these days, the team at The Beautiful Book Company believe there is nothing better than the feel, smell and experience of a physical book in your hands. 

That's certainly an opinion shared by their growing subscriber base, who each month look forward to the surprise of a quality book hand-picked by a chosen category and lovingly delivered in gift wrapped packaging.

Whats in the box?

1 x beautifully packaged and wrapped book each month. Select from over 16 different categories including : 

  • The Contemporary Novel Subscription
  • The Classic Novel Subscription
  • The Film Lovers Book Subscription
  • The Travel Lovers Book Subscription, plus many more.

How Much?

The book subscriptions start from £29.99 per month upto £44.99 depending on the category you choose. Your first delivery also contains a personalised welcome pack.

You can also save a little bit by paying upfront for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription.​

In addition to treating yourself, you also have the option to gift the subscription to a different address, making it the perfect present for a book lover.

Overall Summary

In addition to the category selection, you also have the ability to further customise your subscription by attaching a note on sign-up detailing the types of books you enjoy for greater personalisation.  

In terms of value,  each book is pretty close to the RRP you'd pay in the shops including delivery costs. Which is pretty good when you factor in the time being taken to personally pick and gift wrap your book selection each month.

The real value though is in the surprise and experience of receiving your chosen book as you eagerly await to see what will be added next to your collection.

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David Toon

15 years as a Full-Stack IT developer and consultant, currently working with clients in education, digital marketing and online businesses. Founder of Subscription Radar and Toon Media. Passionate about working with online technology, startups and travel. Big fan of Tim Ferriss, The Lean Startup Model, SAAS and the Subscription Model.