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Amazon Prime UK Review

Amazon Prime UK Review

​Having acquired LoveFilm for postal disc delivery services, Amazon Prime have expanded hugely in digital streaming subscriptions. As part of our review into UK movie subscriptions and the Best Netflix alternatives in the UK, we take a look into the Amazon Prime service to see how it rates as a film streaming service and the extra benefits and features from being a subscriber to the yearly Amazon Prime Subscription.


Amazon Prime hosts a library of more than 15,000 titles including popular hits such as The Walking Dead and Vikings series.

Amazon Prime can be viewed on most standard set-top boxes including Virgin, Sky and FreeView and via browsers and apps on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, any of which can be activated with up to three devices running simultaneously.

Amazon Prime Price and Options

​There are two options when signing up to Amazon Prime :

  1. The full Prime service is £79 per year upfront,  which works out as £6.58 per month. This includes the unlimited video streaming plus extra benefits and discounts on Amazons other services such as free delivery on Amazon products, free kindle books and free cloud storage for photos and files.

For those without a compatible device to run Amazon Prime on then you can purchase the Amazon Fire Set-Top Box (£79) or Fire USB Stick (£35), both come bundled with lots of extra features including channels, apps and even games.

In addition to the unlimited films and TV shows available on the subscription, you also have the ability to rent and buy one-off purchases on films and TV shows that are new releases or premium content that is yet to be included in the subscription. A feature that Netflix is yet to offer.​


If you are a regular customer on the Amazon store then signing up for the full yearly Prime service has the potential to save you a lot of money on delivery charges. This saving could in effect be giving you a free movie subscription, plus the cloud storage and free kindle books make this an attractive bundle if you are happy to pay upfront for the year.​

Further Info  :  Visit Amazon Prime​

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